Chalice well sanctuary,



13-16 2021 


 A 4 day intimate women's journey into the sacred rose within



The holy Isle of Avalon is awaiting those who have a calling to awaken to the lineage of Magdalene Rose.  To walk through the mists and portals to Avalonia and into the depths of the sacred feminine mysteries of the Red Rose of Magdalena. 


This is intimate 3 & 4 day journey of divine remembrance, reclamation and sacred union. The Pilgrimages is a 3 day retreat in Chalice Wells Garden & the final day is an optional day to the sacred valley of Avebury to visit the Stones & a crop circle. 



  This is the path of the Priestess & is a home coming of her body and soul through Holy Grail Mysteries & the new blood codes. 

Together through the Red Rose of Magdalene we will activate ancestral and lineage healing through womb awakening.


We will ignite our elemental senses and connections.


We will activate our bodies of water  through ceremony and magic passing through rite of initiation of inner Sacred Marriage. The Magdalene frequencies are practical and  experiential based wisdom teachings of self- healing through the womb and tantric channels. 


In nature we will walk through the mists  of Avalon and into an otherworldly Paradise. Igniting knowledge, gifts and the mystical destiny of the soul. 








sacred marriage  remembrance  elemental embodiment

we will walk the sacred labyrinth of the tor & connect to the Faeries, Dragons and elementals .







The Isle of Avalon holds powerful Magdalene & Christ energies and is the heart chakra of Mother Earth.  Contained within the land are ancient and new memories,  codes and knowledge of legends, magic and folklore of Holy Union & natures wheel of Life.  

Avalon means the place of apples and embodies the blue print of the Garden and Sacred APPLE  of Eden. 



Avalonia contains the Magdalene -Christ frequencies of the Holy Grail & this essence flows in the liquid light of the waters & within the crystalline Earth ley lines weaving through the landsacpe.


The mystical Rose is held within the Womb of Avalon offering sacred feminine wisdom teachings and Remembrance for those of the path of the Priestess, Medicine Women and Starseeds. 



Embedded in the land and sacred sites are Rose Wisdom Keepers and Guardian from the Archangels, Faires, Celtic Priest & Priestess, the Druids, Essence and dragons.  The order of Melchizedek, The Magdalenes, Dragon Tribe and  Elementals have grounded their beauty through the Melchizadeck, The Phoenix Rising and Sacred Rose Mystery School. 

The Avalon Rose & nature are stirring and guiding us back home through our bodies of water, Blood and DNA.




Chalice Well Gardens & Sanctuary







Join us on this walk of life!

 you are invited to experience, embody & awaken the voice of the priestess on the path of sacred union.



We will gather and have our base at Chalice wells which is one of Britain’s most ancient holy wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill where Mary Magdalene shared her wisdom and womb teachings. For over two thousand years it has been a place of pilgrimage where people have gathered to bathe and heal in the power holy feminine source waters.  

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards it is a living sanctuary, a place where we will share in ceremony, magic and water rites of the Rose. 

A taste of our time together


Chloe will guide the activiational pilgrimage and share sacred mystery teachings of the Red Rose in the stillness of Chalice Wells and upon the land. We will follow a specific route and configuration called the Rose Mandala. Leading the group step -by step - into an inner journey of realisation and liberation. Fully held by the Goddess, the lady of the lake, Angels and Star Beings.





We will laugh, cry and experience the blessings, synchronicties & miracles of the red rose Magdalene frequencies 

We will begin our journey at the sacred Oaks trees

ceremony & Morning practice the Avalon Orchard

Glastonbury Abbey sound session

Magdalene Chapel sacred rose ceremony 

Private access to the Red & Spring -Priestess Water Rites

Chalice Wells Garden- planet and elemental connection ritual & magic 

Tor- labyrinth walk 

Stone Circle Pilgrimage Stonehendge, Avebury & Crop Circle


Each day will vary dependent on weather and the sacred sites we are visiting. 

The final day is offered as part of the pilgrimage or independent. We will be leaving Glastonbury at 9am for Avebury & Stone hendge all details are provided on registration


Marriage ceremony Holy Chalice Well

Morning sadhana Tor orchard

 A day in the pilgrimage



9.am -Morning Soul Sadhana, prayer and song 

followed by Rose tea & intimate time

10.30am -Rose Ceremony, Magic & Ritual

12.30 Sacred journey & shared picnic lunch

Sacred Tantric Dance, song & Transmissions on the land on our magical pass

4.pm -Quiet sanctuary time

6p.m Evening ritual & integration session


Each day will vary dependent on weather and the sacred sites we are visiting. 

The final day is offered as part of the pilgrimage or independent. We will be leaving Glastonbury at 9am for Avebury & Stone hendge all details are provided on registration

As part of the pilgrimage each participant will receive a Moon Cycle mandala, an Avalon Rose Essence and we'll work directly with the Rose Magdalene anointing oils. Each participant will receive access to the online Sacred Rose Mystery School portal.

Is this for me

Do you have a calling or deep stirring to know 'thyself' more intimately through raw love & reverence as a receptacle of the delicate frequencies of the Magdalene.

You are ready if you wish to 'come home' through the powerful journey of the Magdalene womb and the triple flame of the Sacred Rose. 

Do you wish to open and trust in love, wisdom and power 


To walk the path and Sophia wheel of miracles and magic 

To align to your souls destiny.

To Reclaim your sacred sexual life-force.


To open your senses to the lore, magic and truth of the elemental worlds & universal oneness.

To embrace your creativity and sensual beauty through Sacred Tantric Dance. 


To activate, integrate and heal the ancestral lineage through the Magdalene Womb.


To consecrate your vow of inner marriage & Anoint your body with the holy waters & Oils. 

To embody the voice of the Priestess.

Educate the body, emotions and mind through the Rose womb mysteries & Blood lineage.


Open to the path of enchantment and innocence  for healing.


Embrace sisterhood as a Rose Priestess in service to the Goddess


To have fun!   






Always in LovChloe. 

I look forward to seeing you on the isle of avalon.


sacred offering  

Payment options


























Sacred offering includes 

All Magdalene Rose Initiation and teachings

All transport to and from Avebury

Daily beautiful treats and Teas 

Full Programme related to your choice of pilgrimage

Private access to Chalice Holy Well, Whites Springs and the Magdalene Chapel

Moon Cycle Chart

Avalon Flower Essence

Online membership portal

Does not include

Accommodation & Meals


Transport and transfers





13-16 August  2021 

Full payment for the Program &  light food. 

Full Payment

Image by Zoltan Tasi


16th August 2021 Full day programme &  transport from Glastonbury & back.

Avebury & Crop Circle  Pilgrimage



This is the full programme & light meals from the 13-15 August 2021 at Chalice Wells.

Avalon Pilgrimage



Non-Refundable deposit to book your place

Payment in full before the retreat. 


Your Guides



Chloe Mercer            Mary Magdalene


Chloe is an alchemist and shares the teachings & medicine of the Rose lineage.
Imparting frequencies of the sacred feminine mysteries through sacred temple dance, soul tantra yoga, ceremonies, ritual and magic.
Offering Rose Magdalene circles, moon lodge, women's passes and rites of initiation for healing, divine remembrance and sacred union.

The Rose Alchemy Teachings are delicate and powerful experiential and spiritual tools for an empowered and abundant life. 

The methodologies and practices are shared in  immersion, retreats, pilgrimages and programmes for those on the path of the Rose.
" I heard a whisper from my womb & ancestors one day.  They said to me you are here to walk & Embody the way of the Rose. To pass on the wisdom & knowledge of this ancient lineage, our Rose ForeMothers & this Path to source. 
Through the whispers of my womb & my heart I was guided to inspire women onto their personal journey of empowerment & homecoming. To ascend through the body & the soul & to carry forth the Magdalene flame.  As part of my gifts I share the voice of the priestess and impart the truth that we are all precious & that our lives are sacred.
 Aho. "  
Mary Magdalene is a high initiate of the temple of Isis and tantric priestess. She is a force of creation & carries the flame of the Magdalene within her. Mary Magdalene is an embodiment of the celestial rose,  a womb shaman & is it is said that her womb is the Holy Grail.
Magdalene is a sacred name for the lineage and ministry of the priestess and specifically the path of the holy grail of womb awaken- ing and sacred union. This is a title name and was created in a time where the Goddess was flourishing, integrated and whole. The Rose Priestess is encoded with the specific Rose wisdom of their order, divine mission and gifts.
The Magdalene codes transmit that Women are the conscious vessel for grounding heaven on earth through the gateway of her body. Specifically the Womb containing the Holy Grail & Blood codes of Christ Crystalline consciousness. 
This mastery is the way of soul alchemy and a devotional path in the Magdalene flame tradition. She walked the path of Christed-Sophia with her beloved Jeshua imparting codes, teachings and rites of initiation into the land and into the heart of humanity.
She is encircled by the presence of the Elohim and the Seraphim angels as she rises through the Goddess.

I look forward to seeing you and walking into the portals of avalon.




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