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Tools and resources

Throughout the year, we will come to the Blood Rose Temple to use the resources and tools on the way. Within the sanctuary, there is a womb chart to map your bleeding cycle. You can also use this if you are not bleeding and tune into the subtle phases of your womb cycle. There is also a Moon chart so that you can see the Moons phases in the sky and correlate it to the rhythms within your Womb.

The Womb Passes will be incorporated at different points of the year as a soul-tantric bodywork practice. 

Rose womb  Rituals​

The Red Blood Rose, what does this mean?

The Red rose is connected to the earth and celestial shamanism, a spiritual body-based and nature-focused way of life. The Red Rose creates a new foundation through her new blood codes, which relate to the DNA and crystalline templates of our origins and the light of our souls. 


Blood Rose Moon Mapping 

This is the moment for us to remember our blood and feminine cycles as women through the sacred path of sensual embodiment. This is a time to unveil, uncover, and devote to our natural biological rhythms and senses to support our healing. The Blood Cycle is the most innate and influential mentor, initiator and teacher as we return our soul home. Moon Mapping and charting can provide a creative and concise way to cultivate our sovereign authority and manifestation potential. To heal our pain and reclaim our birthright. This is a modality to become weavers of our destiny and awaken our New blood Codes dwelling in our red rivers. 


Honouring our blood as sacred through illumination and dedication is vital for reconnecting to the intuitive and somatic wisdom of our womb/ uterus. The Blood Rose is a journey of healing our ancestral lineage, specifically the material line and transfiguration of the mitochondrial DNA. It transports us into the realism of nature, our elemental and soul's essence.

Come into your unveiling. 


 The Moon/Womb chart is a map that connects your cycles of the moon and your menstruation periods so that you can comprehend, understand and embody your patterns and rhythms within. There is a specific phase within your cycle. I recommended that you map for the whole year but at least three months to begin to relate to the pattern occurring. Blood/Moon mapping is a way to experience the oracle power of the blood and womb.

Love your cycle

The first day of bleeding is counted as the first day of the cycle, and the process ends on the last day before the next period. We then divide this complete cycle into four (4) parts. Each one represents a different phase related to the moon's phases, the different seasons of the year, and the different phases of a day cycle. 

 A healthy cycle is usually from 25 to 33 days long. If your cycle is shorter or longer, it is suggested that you observe if there is an imbalance in the subtle, emotional or physical levels. Cycles can change and become influenced by our lives and the moon. It can be shorter in some months (if intense inner processes have been activated or lots of vital energy is being used) or longer (when there is a greater need for integration and contemplation on what is occurring to us and our lives).   


A lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days, but each lunar phase (New Moon, Waxing, Full Moon and Waning) can last 6 to 9 days, depending on the cycle. Thus, this changing aspect of the moon cycle invites us to leave linear and logical thinking and instead enter into a process of feeling and flowing more intuitively and subtly; this is an excellent exercise of reconnection with the subtleness and the mysteries of the sacred feminine.



Blood Rose Documents

Magical Womb passes

our body practice for the temple.

Lunar Magic

Magical Womb passes

in pregnancy, conception and postpartum. 

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