Blue Rose 


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Week 2

waning half moon

I Am

Receive the codes of the Jasmine Rose through the creative and intuitive sound of the voice.

This is a raw cut from a channelled song prayer that came through me after a devotional yoni practice. There is no professional recording kit, no filters just the creative gift of what came. 

This is a cultivation of softly opening and receiving space to embrace the voice within. This will play a potent role in the Magdalene Temple Keepers year path. It will act as a tool for healing and integration as each Womanx will create her own prayer and song maker, recode and share in sacred circle. 

Womb Breath practice

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The Blue Rose Manuscript

The stories, Mythos and practices within the Blue Rose manuscript will unravel layers of gnosis and love that are keys of light and revelation. 

As part of the remembering, we will begin our quest by revisiting our dragon serpent heritage and inception that plays a key role in the birth of the Rose lineage upon Gaia.

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B L U E    R O S E
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Blue ROSE Mysterium


Self Study rituals,                                                                             practices and sound alchemy

“The Rise of S O P H I A,  the return of the True Feminine in Unity”


Spring Moon𓂀 Blessing

28 March  2021. 19.48   GMT. 

Blue Cosmic butterfly

The Full Moon in Libra is the initiatory gateway into the Blue Rose and her way of radical love,  compassion and holy union. This full Moon determines the date of Easter (April 4, 2021) as it is the first Full Moon to occur after the spring equinox on March 20. March’s Full Moon is the Paschal Full Moon. On the Full Moon or 2 days after we will do the Full Moon ritual, see the manuscript. We will celebrate the holy Easter day by practising our soul tantra practice over 3 days with Mother Mary Hymn and a specific intention for each day.


1. The day before Easter - I Am resurrecting the power of my voice.  2. Easter Day - I harmonise with my resurrected power 3. The day after Easter. I integrate my resurrected power. 


Curate the intentional energy through your heart's guidance. 

This gateway calls to all women,  Priestesses of the Moon and heavenly Queens. To honour our bodies as sacred vessels of the feminine mysteries containing the perfect balance of harmony,  flow and rhythm. The Libra Queen through Mother Mary is bringing love to your soul,  your sacred secretions, your fertility, new blood and sexual cycles. These were revered and sanctified by ancient Shamankas and priestesses of ancient Moon religions who marked the moon phases by connecting to their wombs, hearts and minds. There is a soulful healing flame igniting our hearts as the Moon exalts as it accompanies Venus as she births into the morning star. 


The Blue Rose Curriculum  includes

  •  Introduction video

  • The Womb Manuscript

  • The Blue Rose Glyph

  • Temple mantra

  • Order of the blue rose temple

  • The Merkaba Activation, a live transmission at Avebury stone circle, UK. 

  • The heart sequence. This consists of 2 transmissions filmed live on the Tor, Glastonbury UK and. 1 video - daily Soul Tantra Practice. 

  • Holy Mary Hymn

  • The Spring Equinox live call replay 





Invoke through the spoken word or song daily with the  Blue Rose affirmation


I am at peace

the pure petals of my heart nourish me

I am never alone in the garden of blue roses

I surrender to love

And so it is.



Image by Tengyart

Spiral Healing


“The Rise of S O P H I A,  the return of the True Feminine in Unity”

Equinox Replay

Blue Rose Initiation with mother mary

available 22.3.21

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Blessings Sisters,

This month you are invited to map your high fertile point in your monthly cycle. The Blue Rose corresponds to the well of the energy within the ovaries. The blue rose womb cycle attunes to the highest fertile moment in your ovulation cycle in the middle of the ovulation process which is 12-24 hours. By acknowledging and marking this point as sacred we receive a sacred elixir from the cosmic egg mysteries that resides within. The practice invites that we connect the ovaries and the cervix and by their connection, a chamber of wisdom is awakened. This is a sacred moment to honour your enteral fertile life-force and to see within your ovaries and womb your intentions. Below is a beautiful song to sing at the Blue Rose portal along with your own self-loving ritual. 


Moon Rituals

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