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Golden ROSE Chamber


Alchemy Ritual practices

Welcome the Golden Rose Temple where you are invited to walk through the five petals of the Rose to activate the Star Yantra of Isis within your Womb. Each Key Code is an opportunity to guide you into the realms of Love, healing and sexual magic.


Work sequentially through the 5 activations beginning with Key Code 1. Once you have completed the Key Code 5 commence a morning Sadhana in conjunction with taking the Ormus Elixir.  You are invited to do the Sadhana for 3 to 30 days. Begin the HuNa prayer in the Key Code 2 chamber on the 1st - 15th January. This can be done independently from the Sadhana.


This will raise your vibration by the constant devotion to your path. 


 Sadhana is a sacred daily act or ritual of 'Self- Love' and connection to the Divine. It also invites each initiate to come into a unison with the spirit of vitality, gratitude, reciprocity and magic.  


This is key to the attunement to the teachings as they offer subtle wisdom keys and transmission to empower a new relationship to your 'Temple' as a creative body of Venus and Water starlight (energy).


♀Key Code 1- Attunement 

Image by Sandy Millar
Image by Sandy Millar

♀Key Code 2- Compassion


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Golden ROSE Mysterium

 sound alchemy Chamber

“The Rise of S O P H I A,  the return of the True Feminine in Unity”

Image by Sandy Millar

♀Key Code 3- Sexual Awakening



♀Key Code 4- Holy Union 


Image by Sandy Millar

" I Come  into being through the waters of my Womb." 

“The Rise of S O P H I A,  the return of the True Feminine in Unity”

Image by Mo Gabrail
Image by Sandy Millar

♀Key Code 5- Sovereignty


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