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 sacred ROSE temple Elixir 


Alchemy wisdom of Gaia and the Rose



Rose Elixir is a gorgeous alchemical and vibrational medicine of the rose that supports great hearing and transformation through the  Divine Feminine, nature of creation. The Rose Elixir was made created on Magdalene feast day 22nd July 2020. 

Rose Elixir is inspired by The Way of the Sacred Rose and the wisdom of Magdalene. This is an initiatory path into womanhood and into full empowerment through Christ Consciousness. The Elixir contains the frequencies to support the journey of healing and coming home to thyself. This is a quest into the depths of the rose within through the awaking of the womb, heart and mind. 


The Rose Elixir is here to support you in this initiatory process and to activate the deep codes of wisdom, love and harmony that dwell within the body temple.   The Rose will illuminate divine remembrance and intuitive knowing bring a subtle soothing to the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. 

Wisdom: Avalon White Rose Flower Essence reclaims the purity of your Heart. This Rose Essence opens the pathways of the Original Codes of Love that are alive within. You are able to access the Sophianic Mysteries of the Heart and the Innocence that Love truly is.  This is a much-needed Essence at this time on our planet where we have distanced from and forgotten the True Nature of Love.

Experience: Shake before using. Enjoy 3 drops sublingually 3 times each day regularly until bottle is finished; or put a ½ dropperful in your water bottle each morning and drink throughout the day. 

Ingredients: Vibrational essence of Avalon White Rose, Solarized Water, 20% Brandy

Suggested Use: Take 1 drop to assist shamanic journeying or 1 drop with ritual

Size: 0.5 oz (14.7ml)






“The Rise of S O P H I A,  the return of the True Feminine in Unity”

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