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You are invited to enter a sacred Magdalene temple of Initiation, a sanctuary of wisdom and remembrance, to awaken and explore your creative potential and gifts as a Priestess and woman. The beautiful soul-based and embodiment curriculum focuses on acquiring specific knowledge and the powers of regeneration through a practical and spiritual deepening into the heart of the Feminine way of the Rose.

The curriculum follows an eightfold Earth-Star map that merges the Celtic Wheel of the year and eight Magdalene initiations from the Venus Star lineage. Both modalities honour and support the sacredness of life and activate this innate intelligence within our body temples, and souls' memories. During the year, we meet on each sabbat; there are eight in total. They are potent, energetic, seasonal gateways of change, threshold and Initiation.

We enter the wheel at Samhain (in the northern hemisphere), the Celtic New year and descent into the darkening cycle. In ancient times the darkening (Winter seasonally) was a ripe gateway for a Priestess to begin her Initiation training of soul growth. It is a time to descend into the fertile womb, the dark mysteries of the feminine and the Earth's riches. In the southern hemisphere, initiates enter the Year at Beltane, equally a powerful time of peak Spring when the Earth's energies are at their strongest and most active. 

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Topics of study & Remembrance


The Path of the  Magdalene Priestess guides initiates on a personal Grail Quest through the ancient arts of Tantra and the feminine teachings and principles of  Alchemy, Gnosis and Creativity. Each temple curriculum includes a Rose manuscript, powerful techniques, breath and body practice, and transmissions to support women's spiritual empowerment and self-realization. 

Key Topics we cover

  • Ancient Mythos of Venus, Avalon, Egypt, South America and Isreal. Exploring the temple arts of Venus, the mysteries of Avalon and the lineage of the water priestess, the Magic and sexual alchemy of ancient Egypt,  the tree of life and sacred garden mystical teachings of the ancient Essenes and the star wisdom of the Rose lineage wisdom keepers. 

  • Healing and regeneration with the Medicine of the Rose and feminine artistry.

  • Reprogramming and creative exploration into the inner mysteries of womanhood.

  • Ceremonies, rituals and mastery guided and transmitted by Mary Magdalene.  



Are you being summoned to step forward in service through the creative feminine principles?

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Rose Temples
Rose Temples

The eight Roses and the Temples of Initiation 

 “I, the Lady, 

In this house of holy lapis

I say a holy prayer.

I Am the Queen of Heaven.

I give him my vulva"


Song of Inanna


Temple of the Red Rose
Samhain - New blood Rose Codes


In the Red Rose temple,  we have our opening ceremony and enter the mysteries of the New blood codes, the cycles of women, the womb rites and the red thread lineage. The temple is a grounding path, healing our ancestral line and sensual embodiment. 



Violet Rose 1.jpg

Temple of the Violet Rose
Yule-Winter Solstice- Star Lineage


Each initiate receives a celestial blessing in the violet Rose Temple to activate our innate star DNA and blueprint. We are guided and mentored by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Isis, who overlight the mystical Violet Rose initiation of re-awakening the Majestic Creative Mystic, Oracle and Sorceress within.

silver rose.png

Temple of the Silver Rose
Imbolc - soul light expansion


In this temple, we begin our ascent into the mysteries and alchemies of light. In celebration, we ignite our holy Magdalene Flame of Brigit and are guided by Mary Magdalene and Swan lineage; each Priestess receives a Menarche ceremony,  a cosmic transmission and a peace sequence in the Silver Spirit Lodge.   

Temple of the Blue Rose
Ostara- Spring Equionox
Birth & Virgin Mysteries



In this temple path, we are guided by Mother Mary, the Seraphim Angels and the blue Rose's order into the cosmic Mother's mysteries and codes.  Now that the womb has been anointed through the menarche ceremony, the energies are ripe to enter the teachings of our Birth Mothers, the cycle of sexuality, the Virgin, immaculate conception, and the miracles and dreams of our Earth Mother. 



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Temple of Orange Rose
Beltane - VOICE Of the Womb


In the Orange Rose Temple, we are guided through a powerful alchemical sequence of renewing our vows of sacred marriage to 'Thy Self' and awakening our pure sexual energies. First, the womb is restored and nourished after being blessed, purified and anointed in the previous temples. Then, we carry out a healing Yoni Puja sadhana with Mary Magdalene in sacred sanctity.  

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Temple of the Golden Rose
Litha/Solstice- The Throne of Isis


We enter the old and shamanic way of the Isis Rose lineage through the beautiful curriculum of 'Golden Alchemy with Goddess Isis. Through ceremony and sexual artistry, each priestess is activated into the mysteries of the key of life, resurrection, the teachings of sovereignty and the Golden Rose path of Magic and Ceremony.




Temple of the White Rose
Lughnasadh - The Divine Masculine

We journey into the White Rose mysteries with Mary Magdalene and Jeshua. On this journey, we complete the seven initiations in readiness to receive the seal of honour in the pink rose. The White Rose activates, heals and restores the king's codes and royal lineage of the masculine within. Finally, Jeshua delicately guides us back to the Masculine temple, the natural world, and will anoint and return the masculine home through the holy waters of Avalon.  

Image by Tiffany Nguyen

Temple of the pink rose
Mabon/Equinox - inner Sacred Marriage


The pink Rose path births a new consciousness through the sacred union of the Red and the White Roses. Mary Magdalene ordains each Priestess in this final temple through a seal of honour and a delicate Pink Rose curriculum. To culminate the Magdalene Priestess years path, there is a beautiful transmission, The Seven Heavens of Hathor. 


What is included in the training path

Before enrolling, you are invited to have a 15-minute conversation and tune in with Chloe before embarking on the year's path.  

two x 30 minutes sessions with Chloe. 

Each initiate receives a soul guidance session with Chloe, one in the Violet Rose Temple and one in the White Rose temple. These live calls are 30 minutes. 

Once enrolled, you receive a welcome email with the login details to the Online Magdalene Temple. This opens a few days before the first live call. Then, each participant carries out the opening practice and commitments and receives a rose guide.  

on the high holy days of the year

On each High Holy day, we will meet for our live call to receive a sacred Sophia transmission from 1 - 1.5 hours / 2 hours.   The transmission is an initiatory attunement that prepares participants for the delicate Rose teachings upon the holy journey. At each Sabbath, we become receptacles for the creative seasonal energies, star codes and Gaias wisdom. We integrate these frequencies through oral traditions, sacred practices, and teachings during the temple path.


Once each initiate enters the temple, they have full access to the online temple space mysterium, a fusion of sacred practices, soul tantra yoga, a manuscript, ritual and alchemy and mantras/affirmation. 

In addition to the teachings, we will dive deep into the Tantric practices of the Rose with Mary Magdalene in a Sadhana container.  

In the first seven temples, initiates receive seven heavenly Magdalene rites. Then, in the final temple, each receives a seal of honour. 

As part of the Pink Rose Temple, we conduct a closing and grounding ceremony in sacred sisterhood.

on a private platform

There is a private online group to commune and creatively share your journeys, experiences and process as you carry out the path. In addition, there will be an online platform to share your gifts, healing explorations and revelations. This will also act as a container to bring forth and cultivate your gifts. 

Your Guides
Copy of Heart Sutra (5).jpg

Chalice Wells Avalon / Glastonbury UK,

August  25 - 28, 2023

Chloe guides an annual Priestess pilgrimage to the holy lands of Avalon to walk in the footstep of Mary Magdalene and the chalice. It's an incredible opportunity to gather in person and unveil Rose Codes and Wisdom in the magical lands. 

Rose Ritual

Welcome, divine Virgin, Lover, Woman, Mother, and Daughter of the ancient and New Rose line. You are the medicine for this time. 
Share your heart and catalyse change as a way-shower, teacher, oracle and beloved. Birth the new through the power and wisdom of your beautiful and embodied  Womb. 

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