Divine Union

Divine union is a combination of activation meditation, breath and yoga. It is a harmonious rebalancing through Core Light techniques for personal healing and self-empowerment through physical teachings.  Individuals experience recalibration and rejuvenation in physical, emotional and mental forms and offers greater clarity moving forward. 



Divine Union, in essence, is the process of becoming whole and unified through a conscious inner alignment to our Core Light, our natural sovereign state of being.  As we consciously unite through stillness, we can create a conducive environment for divine remembrance. This still point is a an opportunity for you to fully acknowledge your knowingness, innocence and joy as a human being. This is a conscious step of deepening our self love and devotion to the sacredness of life.  


Through the guidance of individualised healing and advancement, we can begin to open to the virtues of deep trust and grace.  By allowing the illumination of our true nature, we can find core purity fully grounded in its form.  This pure frequency that we emit vibrates to higher states of consciousness, adding new dimensions and intelligence to your core.  This is perfectly synchronised with the core creation principles of life and the harmonics of the cosmos.  

The process of recalibration begins within each individual and ignites new levels of free will. This transmogrification empowers our own realities and self mastery though divine union and initiation. Our inner wisdom and confidence is nurtured - within this three layered session to explore higher levels of sensitivity and creativity.   This naturally inspired creative process of alchemy is the art of being conscious and transforming spirit and life-force into form or transforming knowingness into wisdom.   


Divine Union Session comprises of three individual teachings:  .


1~Activation ~  I Am

 The individual is taken on a guided journey to become still and open to the inner purity of the whole being. An activation accompanies the stillness to bring about alignment to the presence of the I Am light within .  The activation is channeled through the purity of the I Am presence and is directed into the meridian of the multi ~dimensional heart. This activation brings about divine recalibration of our subtle bodies and ignites our crystalline Light Body.



2~Conscious  Breath~ I breathe therefore I Am.

following on from the activation there is a series of nourishing breath techniques to rejuvenate the whole being. The purpose is to channel the breath for greater health, vitality and wellbeing. This enrichment further nourishes and recalibrates right down to the cellular and DNA make up.  The Conscious Breath is the gift of self loving the self as a unique expression of life.    



3~ Core Light Yoga ~ I move therefore I Am

After Activation and Conscious Breath, Core Light Yoga is the final stage for Divine Union Session. This is a practice to further embody the soul light codes and I Am presence into physical form. This is a gentle, grounding but powerful sequence to rejuvenate and to strengthen our systems and core physical being for divine union. Core Light Yoga helps to realise the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual unification. 


The individual has the option to sit or lie down during this transmission and breathing sequence so as to assist in relaxation. 

Rose Womb Passes

The Rose Womb passes are a sequence of high- -initiations to activate & integrate the Rose codes within. 

The practice and cycle is an healing,  honouring and conscious  rising of the rose wisdom within our inner sanctum,  cells, blood & body.  Individuals will experience recalibration and rejuvenation in physical, emotional and mental bodies through  sacred magic & Alchemy of the womb.

Within the practice we will honour the art and mystery of the Sacred Rose lineage. The 8 rose womb passes are shared in a group & practiced alone.   Empowering, healing and amplifying the sweet essence of the divine feminine light within. 



Each initiatory pass of self ~love correlates to specific aspects of the body, sacred symbol, sound & crystalline  rose templates. When the 8 magical passes are initiated and embodied they become ONE and Whole. Fully opening the soul tantric meridian and connection to the Divine Mother and All that is. 


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