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The sacred Rose Mystery school is a sacred earth container for the embodiment of the soul.

A new template of feminine based education & women's wisdom. Offering methodologies  and tools for embodied remembrance, reclamation and service.

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"Disrobe me that mine inner beauty may be revealed."

(Sacred Kabbalist text)

White Rose Throat BaptismChloe Mercer
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Come into the divine flow of your body and soul through the rich portal of stillness and sensual beauty within. 

Enjoy this meditation as a guide to become more present with the breath, to your pure intent and to the sacred mysteries of the Rose. 

Ritual Yoga practice

temple of isis

This is a sacred offering to deepen into cellular healing through ritual yoga of Isis. The practice is a doorway into deeper connection to self, the transmission and to the delicate weaving fo the flowers.  delicate teachings of Gaias wisdom and the teachings of the Rose. 

Jasmine and song maker. 

Receive the codes of the Jasmine Rose through the creative and intuitive sound of the voice.

This is a raw cut from a channelled song prayer that came through me after a devotional yoni practice. There is no professional recording kit, no filters just the creative gift of what came. 

This is a cultivation of softly opening and receiving space to embrace the voice within. This will play a potent role in the Magdalene Temple Keepers year path. It will act as a tool for healing and integration as each Womanx will create her own prayer and song maker, recode and share in sacred circle. 

Jasmine and Rose May 29.2020 - 29_05_202Artist Name
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Jasmine and Rose Transmission.

RollRight Stones, UK.


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The Rose she awaits.

Its time for the sacred



Blessings on your journey.

Love, Chloe. 

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