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About Chloe

Welcome, Beloveds, 

Blessings, beautiful Women; I Am Chloe, the Custodian and Founder of the Sacred Rose Mystery School. I am delighted you are here and feeling the call to enter the Magdalene Priestess Years training path. 
I will guide, teach and transmit the Magdalene teachings during the Year's path and share my gifts as a sound oracle, intuitive guide, a devotional channel of Mary Magdalene and the womb mysteries. My soul's passion, curiosity and purpose is to be a conduit and 'Holy Vessel' for the Divine Feminine, love, truth, empowerment and light. I work as a bridge to anchor star wisdom upon the earth and share my ancient language of light,  formulas, and anointment artistry for healing and Initiation.
I Am passionate about empowering and activating keys, gifts and dormant memories within Women to light the flame of creative exploration and the mysteries within. As a water priestess from the Magdalene lineage, I impart and restore the ancient Tantric teachings of the Priestess Temple way. Through this, I facilitate divine remembrance, reclamation, and rites of Initiation, deepening each Priestess's service to the Goddess. 
On completion of the Year's training path, each initiate, if they have fully completed the entire programme, is ordained as Magdalene Priestess and re-initiated into the lineage of the Rose. Those called can begin to share the Rose practices and weave them into their work and communities. 

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is an ancient and cosmic soul who has served Sophia since ancient Lemuria when we birthed our original DNA through the serpent and spiral of creation. 
Her path has been as a High Priestess of Isis and Birth Mother of the Rose lineage. As a High initiate of the temple, Arts,  Magdalene carries a flame of pure consciousness that she transmits and teaches to call and guide us back home. The Magdalene flame, roses, light and sound in her work activate ancient and new memories deep within our internal mysteries, gifts and powers.  


Mary Magdalene embodies the mystical Rose and is a womb shaman and alchemist, a divine vessel of the 'Holy Grail'. Her mastery is vast, and for this year's path, she offers codes of healing, fertility, soul remembrance and immaculate feminine and masculine unity. In addition, Magdalene manifests as the Sacred Feminine principle, restoring Sacred Marriage upon the Earth.


Mary Magdalene invites us to rise, reclaim and remember our sovereign nature, wisdom and Self- Loving thy-self. 


All my love, 


   "As Women, we are being summoned to remember the way of the Rose, the feminine way of the Womb and Heart. To reclaim lost and scattered fragments of our soul through the embodiment path of the Priestess. This path is a sacred healing journey to purify and activate our blueprint. Knowing that as we heal our Wombs, we heal our ancestral line, star lineage and the earth. As we become whole, we reconnect Womb, Heart to Heart. Becoming conduits for the Magdalene prophecy and restoring sacred balance within and without." MM


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