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Embracing Sacred Femininity:  A Journey of remembrance, reclamation and devotion 

Welcome to the temple of love and intimacy 

About Chloe


Embark on the sacred path of initiation into the mysteries of love and intimacy. This transformative journey of self-love and empowerment guides you to explore and embrace the deep, holy essence within you. Recognise that your body is a rose mystery, unfolding its petals to reveal your divine feminine energy's profound beauty and strength. Through this initiation, discover how to connect deeply with your heart, mind, and soul and cultivate a life enriched with love and intimacy.

This path delves into the mysteries of the womb, soul recognition, and the rose lineage. You will work with the Mothers, Gaia, and the royal blood lineage of the Holy Grail.

As you walk this initiation path, you will work with me individually. I will carry out a sacred transmission and utilise feminine arts, anointment, and rituals to cultivate the energies of the initiation. This personalised approach ensures your unique journey is deeply resonant and transformative, empowering you to embody your divine essence fully. Throughout this journey, I will work with herbs, water, ritual, foot anointment, the seven sacred seals, rose oils, elixirs, and the priestess of the moon, rose, and earth.


You can engage with this initiation journey in various ways:

  • One-on-One Sessions: Tailored to the specific initiations you are entering into, available both in person and online. 

  • Three-Fold Initiation Journey: A structured program with three 2-hour sessions to activate, deepen, and seal the initiation

  • Group Sessions: Experience the power of collective energy, available both in person and online.

Initiations are available in person and online. We will liaise to arrange the initiation and select suitable dates upon booking. Each session offers a unique opportunity for profound transformation, aligning with the rose lineage's ancient wisdom and practices and the feminine's sacred mysteries.




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 the initiation path

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A Rose Initiation is not merely a journey but an alignment, a ceremonial passage, and an inner awakening. It guides participants through a process of aligning with their highest selves, conducting ceremonial rites that honour their spiritual evolution, and awakening to deeper layers of consciousness. This sacred journey encompasses the integration of divine feminine wisdom, the remembrance of personal power, and the reclaiming of one's sacred connection to life's cyclical rhythms. Through this transformative experience, individuals embark on a path of profound inner growth, spiritual connection, and alignment with their true essence.

Some Key Aspects of a Rose Initiation:

  • Sophia's Frequencies: Participants immerse themselves in Sophia's subtle yet powerful energies, awakening inner wisdom and grace.

  • Codes of Abundance: Embracing the innate flow and power of the womb of life within, aligning with the universal energies by becoming and feeling your natural beauty and bounty. 

  • Magnetism: Cultivating a magnetic presence to create positivity, opportunities, and a meaningful relationship with yourself and others.

  • Higher Consciousness: Shedding old limitations, gaining new perspectives, and understanding one's true self and cosmic role.

  • Transformation: Empowering individuals to transcend trauma and step into personal power and potential.


You are invited to receive a rose initiation into the profound mysteries of love and intimacy, guided by the sacred energies of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua. 

This journey explores the precious and deep chalice of love and intimacy. We will experience the healing and awakening of the womb through the anointment mysteries, feminine arts, high practices, womb blessings, and the use of sacred talismans such as the ankh and the yoni egg. 

Each initiation within the temple is ceremonial and life-changing, offering you the opportunity to work closely with the Rose, Blue Lotus, Mary Magdalene, and the lineage of Magdalene. These initiations are designed for those devoted to the feminine arts and wish to uncover the great pearls and treasures of soul recognition, remembrance, and empowerment.

Through this journey, you will engage in deep healing, soul inquiry, and spiritual practices that will empower you to embody your pure, empowered state. The temple's teachings and rituals will help you carry the wisdom of ancient traditions into your personal lives and service work.

We invite you to open your heart and spirit to the sacred union and mysteries that await within the Temple of Love and Intimacy. Embrace this path of self-discovery and divine connection as you unfold the sacred rose within you, nurturing your body, soul, and feminine essence.


These initiations are designed for those who are devoted to the feminine arts and carry within them great pearls and treasures of soul recognition, remembrance, and empowerment.  


Through the transformative practice of the yoni egg and rituals inspired by ancient traditions, you will awaken a deep, delicate, and gorgeous connection with the seat of your femininity, soul and gifts. 

The blueprint of the initiation

The Threefold Path with a Talisman

​First Petal: Keeper of Love and Intimacy Mysteries

The phase of the Moon: New Moon

Duration: 2 hours

theme: Mary Magdalene as the Carrier of Wisdom and the Holy Chalice

Initiate familiarity and reverence for the initiation/yoni egg, connecting it with ancestral and spiritual wisdom. Consecration of the body and Ankh,/oil/yoni egg.


Activities: - Guided practice to attune to the energy of Mary Magdalene and the Holy Chalice.- Ritual to consecrate and integrate the Tailisamn/yoni egg into your practice.- Instruction in foundational techniques for Talisman/yoni egg use.- Soul inquiry and invocation working with the moon priestess archetype.-


Introduction to the Magdalene mandala directions and elements.

Outcome:  Deep healing and soul recognition through the sacred practice of the yoni egg, setting the foundation for personal empowerment and spiritual clarity and recognising that your body is a rose mystery.


Second Petal: Receiving the Sacred Code/talisman/Yoni Egg

The phase of the Moon: Waxing Moon

Duration:  2 hours

Theme: Moon and Venus Alignment

Focus:  Deepen your connection with the Yoni egg through alignment with lunar and Venusian energies.

Activities: - Personal attunement to the yoni egg's energy.- Ritual incorporating moon and Venus phases, optionally involving the insertion of the yoni egg.- Womb blessing ceremony with ritual dance, invoking roses and blue lotus.

Continued work with the moon priestess for soul inquiry and invocation.- Exploration of the Magdalene mandala directions and elements: Clarity and empowerment as you align with cosmic energies, nurturing your sacred feminine essence and healing potential and embracing the mystery of your body as a rose temple/portal.


Third Petal: Sealing the Initiation

The phase of the Moon: Full Moon. Celebration

Duration: 2 hours

Theme: Full Moon Alignment and Healing Sensitivity

focus: Harness the power. Code you are connecting to or sacred object/yoni egg's energies during the full moon for profound healing and alignment with life purpose:- Utilising the talisman/yoni egg's energy under the full moon's influence.- Creating intention and alignment for personal healing and sensitivity.-


Integration of practices learned throughout the initiation journey.- Final soul inquiry and invocation with the moon priestess.- Deepening understanding of the Magdalene mandala directions and elements.

Embody your pure, empowered state and carry forward ancient traditions through embodied experience and service work. You are embracing the sacred mystery of your body as a rose.


Closing Through "Embracing Sacred Femininity" empowers participants to embody their sacred feminine power, fostering a deep connection with their bodies and spiritual selves. Each 2-hour petal provides a profound tool and insights to continue your expansion independently while honouring and carrying forward the wisdom of ancient traditions through your embodied experience and service to others.





Each session is £111, and the 3-fold path is £300. Once booked, the 3-fold path will be organised around the moon, star and earth cycles where possible. ​


All my love, 


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