Magdalene Rose Circle

We are encircled with love in every breath and every moment.

The circle is a ceremonial practice of entering into the temple teachings of the Rose. 


Guided by the Magdalene Ministry and held within the sacred container of the Divine Feminine Way.

This is the ancient feminine practice, art and mastery of Rose Alchemy. It is the act of restoring Womb-Heart- Mind Coherence through feminine self-love, well-being and sacred union. The magic within the alchemical journey simultaneously replenishes the central tantric channel Womb-Heart-Mind and re-awakens the divine blueprint within.


Returning the Rose to the Garden of Eden. 




This is a sacred earth school of the soul.

A new template of feminine based education & women's wisdom. Offering methodologies  and tools for embodied remembrance, reclamation and service.


the Circle

sacred sanctity

is contained within sisterhood

connecting through reclamation and divine remembrance 


The circle is 1.5 hrs and takes women on an intimate explorative journey into the spiral of the womb mysteries within. We will journey into the creative mythical origins of the Rose lineage specific to the Rose Temple and Rose Womb Temple keeper.
Each gathering is infused with the seasonal, lunar and solar cycles that will be encoded with magical lore, oral tradition, earth and elemental wisdom and mystical tantric practices.  

Each circle will focus on a specific teachings by a relevant Rose keeper, a  womb Shaman, Dakini, Priestess or visionary from the Magdalene Ministry. 
Encircling the live teaching will be an integration of mystical tantric yoga, transmission,   sister share,
rose meditation, ceremony and magic. 

rose tea
spiritual soul advancement

“Inspiration and wisdom to fulfil your highest potential”

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