The Magdalene
Priestess Path


 A mystical path into the  mysteries of Mary Magdalene 




Blessings and welcome to this warm and sacred Homecoming invitation to 'Thy Self' and the Great Spirit wheel of creation, wisdom and love, Sophia. The journey is anchored through the triple flame of love, wisdom and power. It is the path of full embodiment through devotional and creative cultivation of the womb mysteries.   


This is the ancient feminine practice, art and mastery of Rose Alchemy. It is the act of restoring Womb-Heart- Mind Coherence through feminine self-love, well-being and sacred union. The magic within the alchemical journey simultaneously replenishes the central tantric channel Womb-Heart-Mind and re-awakens the divine blueprint within.


Returning the Rose to the Garden of Eden. 


Guided by the Magdalene Ministry and held within the sacred container of the Divine Feminine Way.


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Are you being summoned to step forward in service through the creative feminine principles?

Image by Jill Dimond

The Path Includes


 ~Welcome online Rose temple

~Foundation wisdom and the herstory of the Rose Magdalene Lineage 

~ 8 Day Sadhana with Rose

Mantra and Prayer creation and Sadhana 

~8 Live Temple calls

~5  Rose transmissions & teachings 
and nature-based videos

~Ceremony & Magic

~Light Language 

~ White Lodge teachings of the Shamanic Magdalene Vision  


~Rose womb passes

~ Plant Flower Spirit medicine 

~Blood Moon Mapping

Potent Feminine ancestral healing arts such as

~ Tantirc Practices 

~Water Priestess rituals

~ Yoni Steaming

~Rose ceremony 

~  Yoga

~ Devotional Yoni Practices such as Yoni Puja



~ Sacred Activism 

~ Grounding practices

~  Receiving 8 glyphs
of Rose body light activation
~  Ray Mastery
~ Master Being communion 

~ Deva and elemental Communication 

~  Water
~ Fire
~ Earth
~ Air
Priestess Avatar Activation 

~Crystal Grid work creation 

~ Soul and Body Reclamation  


Guided by the Magdalene Star map

Inspired by the spirals and journeys of Gaia, Venus, 

The Moon, 

Sun & Stars

The Grail Mysteries


Avalon traditions and the Grail serpent lineage


The wisdom and secrets of the Tree of Life and the Essenes 


Ancient Lemurian and

Atlantean Priestess and Priest heritage  

Egyptian Golden Rose Alchemy 

Garden of Eden mythos

​This is a year's online path following the Magdalene star map. A  journey into the mysteries of the 8 pointed star and the 5 petalled rose of venus.  









The Journey


The path will be guided by the triple Marys, Mary Magdalene, Mari isis, Mother Mary & Jeshua.

The sacred triad will share through their frequencies of the high-priestesses, Medicine Women and Star Empresses. Held within the Loving Light of the Christ, Jeshua.  Imparting knowledge from the Rose Temple and guided by the Venus Star Flower of Inanna, the Moons and Suns illumination,  Sirius and star knowledge and Earth's crystalline wisdom. 


This is an intimate journey of empowered leadership as Wisdom Keepers of the New Earth.



Participant share 2020-2021

Calling all HIGHLY sensitive women,  Earth and Star Wisdom guides, Healers, Mothers, Medicine Women, Earth Daughters and keepers,  dreamers and Rose visionaries.
It is time to live in your TRUE divine potential 



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The curriculum follows ancient and new Lores and knowledge from Lemuria to present-day Avalon. The wisdom is encoded in the temple teachings, in the rituals and in Gaia's cycles preserved within the Magdalene Star Map. 

The Star Map

In essence, the map is a constellation & Alchemical Journey of embodied women's wisdom.  Made up of a series of 13 magical wisdom gateways & keys, comprising ceremony & magic, creational mythology, rites, rituals and Initiations. Awakening the sacred portal of the Womb.


Held within a comprehensive container of systemic methodologies,  practical tantric studies,  ancient star knowledge and earth-based teachings, of the Rose lineage.  

Throughout the year's path, we will follow the nature wheel of the year. Receiving 8-star teachings on the holy sabbath gateways and 5 pure rose activational rites.  The final Rose rite (13th Temple teachings) is an ordination ritual where participants receive the Magdalene seal of Honour.  


The Magdalene teachings being shared are specifically created for the female body temple.  To directly reactivate the divine blueprint within the grail centres, the  Womb, Heart & Mind (the central tantric channel). 

Within the year's path, women's direct symbiotic relationship to the Feminine Womb Mysteries,  will be empowered to re-connect, harmonise and heal the cycles, rhythms and patterns within.


 Purifying,  integrating & transforming the inner waters, sacred fluids and sexual/sensual nature, affecting great change for all of life.






foundation & resources



sacred sisterhood circle breath & yoga   tantric temple dance   elemental awakening   spirit plant, flower, tree  & Mineral  alchemy    yoni worship practices    creative writing  light language  voice of the priestess 

water ceremony rose ceremony & Magic

moon mapping  blood ritual


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The annual Rose and Lunar Alchemy 

of the

venus rose temple 

Under the loving mastery and guidance of the Magdalene Order, Initiates will embark on a new life journey. Entering into the most intimate and delicate high initiations of the Rose.     Our personal journey's and stories are what truly brings forth the energies of the ancient and new into the now. Our spiritual embodiment is the very nourishment of the universe and our soul's gifts are its expression. 


Red Rose Temple with Mary Magdalene

Incarnation and sensual embodiment, Womb and Blood Rites, Earth wisdom

The journey begins within the Red Rose frequencies Mastering the I Am Presence. Magdalene will lead rituals & practices of the Womb Rites to reconnect, reclaim and replenish the Holy Womb grail centre. Activating the  Lunar and cyclical rhythm within through the blood codes of life. Re-awakening the cells and body senses through the sensual art of plant land medicine, temple dance and stillness.  


Violet Rose Temple with Mary Magdalene, Mary Isis & Mother Mary
Starseed BluePrint Rites and Mystical Star Activation DNA Codes 

The potency and energies of the sacred trinity will guide us through the Initiation of the Great Venus Rose Temple.  You with receive the blessings of a thousand roses to ignite the star origin and creative soul gifts within.  The purple cloak of The Mystical Rose will support the re-awakening of the Majestic Creative Mystic, Oracle and Sorceress. Opening the wisdom gates to gifts of empathy, telepathy and light language.


Silver Rose Temple with Mary Magdalene
Sacred Peace Sequence within the Silver Spirit lodge to 

Enter into the Temple of the Goddess to receive a cosmic transmission in the Silver Spirit Lodge with the Mother Serpent.  The Goddess practices include Dream Destiny, Harmony and Peace codes practices and activations.

Close up image of beautiful blue

Blue Rose Temple with Mother Mary 

Universal Divine Mother codes,  Miracles and Empowered Earth Visions. Immaculate Conception 

Lead by the order of the Blue Rose, initiates will pass through the Cosmic Mother rites and receive the ancient immaculate womb blessing. The womb will be restored to its Divine blueprint through purification of the ancestral lineage and integration of negative imprints, memories,  cords and attachments. Replenish through angelic healing and love in preparation to conceive, seed and nurture your soul's dreams into reality.   


Orange Rose Temple with Mary Magdalene
Shekinah Activation 

The 5th Temple lead us through an alchemical sequence into the body of the Divine Feminine Temple. Receiving a Yoni Puja sadhana and a Goddess Transmission to activate the sacred sexual forces within the subtle anatomy. This is a powerful healing womb temple that also is a deep preparation for the Golden Rose Temple.


Golden Rose Temple with Mary Isis/Auset

Sacred Alchemy,  Sexual  Lunar Rites,  Priestess Bee Medicine & Magic. 

The art and mastery of Golden Alchemy will lead initiates