Magdalene Rose Retreat

Chalice Well sanctuary,
August12-15 2022 

A 3- day intimate journey into the Great grail temple,  avalon


The holy lands are summoning those who feel the call to part the mists of Avalon to unveil and awaken sacred Magdalene codes of the Rose. 


 This is a devotional immersive into the mysteries of the Womb (Magdalene).  A voyage with Mary Magdalene and the Pink Rose to activate the sweet depth, beauty and power of the Priestess way.  This is a nourishing offering of inner retreat into the delicate feminine wisdom of divine remembrance, reclamation and revelation.  


Chloe with Mary Magdalene will guide the intimate group through the mists to receive the blessings and keys of tantric initiation, higher knowledge, healing and intuitive restoration.  Each participant will experience a Magdalene womb rite, anointment and a sacred water blessing of Holy Union. 


The Magdalene retreat will be held at Chalice Wells sanctuary and upon the land. We will also have an evening in the Magdalene Chapel bathing in candlelight, prayer and songs.


Chalice Wells is one of Britain’s most ancient holy wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill where Mary Magdalene shared her wisdom and womb teachings. For over two thousand years it has been a place of pilgrimage where people have gathered to bathe and heal in the power holy feminine source waters.  

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards it is a living sanctuary, a place for healing, magic and homecoming.



Isle of AVALON

 Avalon means the 'Place of Apples  (fruit trees)' or 'Paradise' suggesting its original roots as a garden of Eden and temple of sacred union between the divine masculine and the sacred feminine. Avalon, also Insula Avallonis, is a legendary island of Celtic mythology, magic and lore. This includes the legends of the Goddess, high priestesses, priestesses, priests, witches, faery's,  dragons, kings and queens, of Arthur and Excalibur.  It also holds hidden truths,  veiled rose codes,  knowledge and powerful occult spiritual teachings.  Thousands of years ago it was the location for the Druid headquarters and the place for one of their most powerful and largest universities.   It is also said that the first church (sanctuary) was built upon these shores by Jeshua, Joeseph of Arimathea,  Mary Magdalene and their ministry. 
 Avalon is a utopian paradise, a primordial force and essence that flows vibrantly within the pristine waters, the crystalline grids, the ley lines and the beings who reside upon the ancient Isle. 

The time is ripe to devote to our Rose Temples, (bodies) by awakening our inner crystalline waters, blood and DNA.   Initiating,  once again,  our inner intuitive guidance through the Magdalene womb mysteries, teaching and Gaia's wisdom.



A taste of our time together
Chloe will weave ancient and new traditions of the Rose through methodologies, temple teachings, artistry and practices of tantra, ceremony and mystical wisdom.  This include meditation, stillness and creativity,  following an ancient star rose map.   

 our journey begins at the chalice wells spring and centre 

We will journey to the sacred Avalon Oaks & the tor

we will softly walk upon the lands to sacred groves, labyrinths & portals
to  be still and to receive activations,  ceremonies & magic

we will have an intimate evening at the  Magdalene Chapel 

Private access to the Red Spring 

There will be time to explore Glastonbury and to rest and restore

On booking, you will receive a fuller itinerary,  places to stay, eat and enjoy during your pilgrimage. these will include camping, glamping and b & B's.



Heart meditation 𓂀   

we will walk the sacred labyrinth of the tor & connect to the Faeries, Dragons and elementals.

Holy Maria Ma


sacred offering 

Sacred offering includes 

Full 2-day Programme 
Raw cake, tea and an eternal supply of source water


Friday 12th 
2-5 pm 

Saturday 13th

Saturday evening Magdalene Chapel
7.30 -9 pm

Sunday 14th 
9-3 pm

Private access to Chalice Holy Well and the Magdalene Chapel
Avalon Rose Flower Essence
Online membership portal

Does not include

Accommodation & Meals
Transport and transfers



All my love, 



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