Sacred Rose retreat

southern france


3-7 2021

Magdalene Rose Retreat 2020 








 An intimate journey into the feminine water rites with Maria Magdalene



Join Chloe Mercer and Audrey Fayard for a 5- day intimate women’s Retreat journey, as Venus begins her new 8 year cycle.  


We are very excited to invite you to one of our favourite places in southern France to this intimate and creative retreat and exploration of the Safire Rose. You will join a group of 10 in sacred sisterhood at the most beautiful location in Southern France 200 steps away from the mediterranean ocean. The land is potent with ancient memories and codes of the Magdalene Rose and is an incredible sacred sanctuary for our time together.   We will enjoy myths and transmission of the Rose & grail lineage and practice ancient tantric arts.  

We will practice meditation,  yoga,  mantra & sacred water rites


This is the path of the Priestess & is a home coming of her body and soul through Holy Grail Mysteries & the new blood codes. 

The practices are tantric passes of initiation that connect us to the energy and the essence of the divine feminine through the waters within our Womb Centre.  As a Water Priestess Magdalene will guide us into the inner crystalline waters of life for healing, restoration and liberating our tantric womb meridian. 


We have chosen the specific dates to align us to the Rose full Moon and a partial lunar eclipse to amplify our connection,  healing and the activation of our Holy Grail Centre. Venus will be beginning a new 8 year cycle at the beginning of June which signifies a new cycle which is a powerful time to seed our personal and collective intentions. 



 Sacred Marriage  Remembrance Elemental Embodiment

Mary Magdalene 

Over 2,000 years ago Mary Magdalene and Yeshua agreed to a sacred mission to ground the light of oneness and love into the planet. They came in service to humanity and as part of the galactic shift in consciousness through the lineage of the Rose.

Their purpose and embodiment included anchoring the divine masculine and feminine energies in unity to

re-establish the true nature of Divine Union. 


Mary Magdalene shared her wisdom teachings with priests and priestesses to activate the Holy Grail within each initiate. Magdalene transmitted her essence as a Tantric -Priestess of Isis and her deep level of union she shared with Jeshua and the Goddess.

Throughout time water Priestesses such as Mary Magdalene have tended the waters of life by activating their inner Christ Codes through soul alchemy and  tantric feminine teachings. At this time the ancient lineage of the Rose is strongly awakening, re-emerging and returning through Mary Magdalene and the Sisterhood of the Rose who are rooted in The Mystery Schools such as Isis, Venus Aphrodite and the Magdalene womb mysteries. 


This consciousness is rising to guide humanity into a new paradigm of love that was anchored in the time of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. 

The flame of Mary Magdalene exists within each Priestess and is being activated within the sub-conscious crystalline water-based DNA & blood within the womb and body to heal, rejuvenate and create new forms.


This is the path of self- healing, love and reclamation through the art and sensual mastery through water ceremony, ritual and communion with the rose codes carried in the oceans, springs within the dolphins, whales and mermaids.

Together through the Red Rose of Magdalene we will activate ancestral and lineage healing through womb awakening.


We will ignite our elemental senses and connections.


We will activate our bodies of water  through ceremony and magic passing through rite of initiation of inner Sacred Marriage. The Magdalene frequencies are practical and  experiential based wisdom teachings of self- healing through the womb and tantric channels. 




The spiral has been created specifically to lead participants into the initiation and seal of Magdalene Isis. It will consist of Morning Sadhana, chanting, tantra yoga, nature exploration, Rose lineage & Myth sessions, meditations, self-exploration, dancing, voice-work and the Water Rites and ceremonies. 

Each participant will receive a programme on registration.

Walk the ancient footstep of the Priestesses on the path of the Holy Grail & the Red Rose of Magdalena.

Your Guides~






Audrey Fayard

Audrey Fayard is the founder of Sana Yoga and has been practicing Hatha Yoga ( Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar ... ) for more than 12 years, and dance for 25 years ( Yoga dance, contact dance, dances of the world ... ), as well as different forms of care ( Ayurvedic massage , Thai, reiki level 3 ). She has a degree in Yoga at Sivananda International School (Studies in France and India) and in Social Psychology (Master II).

Audrey will be our guide of this beautiful region.










Chloe Mercer

Chloe will be sharing the teachings of the Galactic Blue Rose and Women's Wisdom of Rose lineage. She integrates her passion for life and her gifts of Light alchemy through nature, meditation, yoga and sound. As a Rose Priestess Chloe will ignite the sacred feminine mysteries through the Water Rites with the Rose Temple Keeper Mary Magdalene. 


Sharing myths of the Rose lineages, womb re-education, Soul Tantra practices and Water passes for deep soul nourishment and awakening. 

The teachings of the Blue Rose in essence transmits the Christed-Union codes of creation. We will align to these specific wisdoms through the vortex of Womb centre and sacred sexual alchemy. 


Chloe has received the Blue Rose practices of the Water Rites through High-Priestess Isis and Mary Magdalene. This is part of the mystery school teachings and mysterium from the order of Isis and they form part of the process of high- initiation to activate the Seal of Isis. 



“I Am so excited to share the water rites in these lands and waters where the Magdalene Rose is so alive.”


Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer is a commune in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southeastern France.

This is a paradise  between St Tropez and Le Lavandou,  known for its the beautiful chalice shaped coastline with its sandy bays, rocky headlands and a rich marine life in the crystal clear waters. We are a directly above a cove and near Maures mountains and surrounded by wild and wooded woodlands with cork, oaks, mimosa, pines, heathers, eucalyptus and arbutus. 


Our retreat space is 8 minutes walking distance from the village and a 15 minute walk to the beach down an ancient staircase connected to the house and a 10 minutes walk to the mountain,.  This gives each participant  independence to enjoy group or solo walks and time in nature.




The nearest airpot is Marseille

 Bristol to Marseille from £40


Payment does not include:

  • international and/or local flights, transfers and insurance to and from Marseille Airport  to the retreat centre. 

  • Food for the pilgrimage day, cave entrance and additional cost on our excursion day



We will enjoy delicious simple vegetarian food for breakfast and supper each day apart from our excursion day. 






​To secure your place there are 3 options. All include shared accommodation, breakfast and Supper apart from our excursion day. 

  1. Pay in Full £666

  2. Pay  non -refundable deposit £222

  3. Pay in 2 instalments £333










Full Payment

3-8 June  2020 

Full payment for the Program, shared accommodation and light meals for 4 days.




3-8 June 2020

Non-Refundable deposit

Payment in full before the retreat. 


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