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Peaceful Woman of the light

“The Rise of S O P H I A,  the return of the True Feminine in Unity”

prayer Sanctuary 


The Uniting with the soul's origin


Sacred Spiritual Power Tools of the occult & mysteries 

Mala prayer beads

Week 2

waning half moon

I Am

Receive the codes of the Jasmine Rose through the creative and intuitive sound of the voice.

This is a raw cut from a channelled song prayer that came through me after a devotional yoni practice. There is no professional recording kit, no filters just the creative gift of what came. 

This is a cultivation of softly opening and receiving space to embrace the voice within. This will play a potent role in the Magdalene Temple Keepers year path. It will act as a tool for healing and integration as each Womanx will create her own prayer and song maker, recode and share in sacred circle. 

Womb Breath practice

Welcome to the Sapphire Rose Temple



"Fire is above water, and the sky is above the earth. 

All of these are above and below, and are all joined in the 

Mother's womb which is primordial space from the which they arise. 

Everything will return to its roots and essence."

Mary Magdalene 

venus symbol.png

Rosary Introduction

" I Come  into being through the waters of my Womb." 

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