Pink Rose 

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Invoke through the spoken word or song daily with the  Pink Rose affirmation


My body is a temple



Pure love

I am all that I am 



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Pink ROSE Mysterium


Self Study rituals,                                                                             practices and sound alchemy

“The Rise of S O P H I A,  the return of the True Feminine in Unity”


Welcome to the 13th Temple of the Pink Rose.

This rose temple journey is a path of becoming the vision and of culminating the full year's spiral. Each temple keeper will be ordained to the foundational level of mastery as a Magdalene Rose Priestess.


This is a monumental transition into the 13 octaves,  a level of awareness that vibrates in synergy with Sophia's Rose and the Christ path. Mystery schools understood that the number 13 represented death and rebirth through ascension into eternal life and it represented the secret knowledge of all life including sacred sexuality, holy marriage and immortality. 13 is a unifying vibration that activates the body of light and connects us to the pure oneness of creation. 13 represents the Divine Feminine and the unified nature within. Mary Magdalene had circles of 12 disciples, as did Jeshua, and they were the 13th. 13 is associated with Venus and magic and is the powerful stream of Christos Rose consciousness, the crystalline pink ray.


This temple journey includes a rich and powerful mysterium to prepare you for your Magdalene seal of the Golden Serpent. 


The Pink Rose mysterium includes

  • Welcome Video

  • The Womb Manual

  • 8 Day Sadhana with Rose plus manual. Live calls 1/8/21 & 8.8.21 at 5.30. am BST,  00:30 FL, 22.30 Utah. 

  • Consecration Ritual

  • Golden Serpent activation

  • Forgiveness Practice 

  •  Crowing 

  • Before the Final Rose Ceremony. Available 22.8.21. Please submit to me your vision quest body of work. Refer to the Pink Rose manual. 

Maria & Jeshua Chant

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