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You will receive a personal 1: 1Magdalene transmission of light directly embodied through Chloe. Chloe works with Mary Magdalene & other Rose Mystica guides such as Isis, Merlin, Jeshua,  the Seraphim angels & the Faeries. 


As a Magdalene Tantric guide, Chloe Incorporates sacred & spiritual tools, Tantric artistry and Womb healing. The feminine practices & modalities are a vital way to ground into the body,  to re-connect & to integrate the Power & Wisdom channelled through the session. These include the individual wisdom keycodes & 5th-dimensional templates received during soul guidance & messages.


Chloe shares through light-langue, sound, sacred feminine practices &   guided journeying/Meditation, bringing through a unique resonance of Angelic light & Rose Ray dedicated to divine Remembrance, Reclaiming & Feminine Healing. 


In Essence, this is a personal alignment & attunement with your higher self & the Magdalene Frequencies to cleanse, reset & align to the wisdom of your 'Womb', sacred purpose, hearts-joy & Destined Path.  


The session can include-


☥ - A Transmission of light with Mary Magdalene

☥ - A unique affirmation or vow

☥ -Sound/voice healing,

☥- Working with the Quantum Roses, their mystical lineage & Rays

☥ Soul Tantra (This is a whole system of Mystery School practices & Mysticism.) 

☥- Magdalene Womb Work- Cycles, rhythms, initiating the feminine centres

☥- Water & Rose Ritual

☥- Conscious breathwork

☥- Cellular Reprogramming 

☥ -timeline synthesis

☥- Purification & Healing

☥- Sensual & sexual awakening & Magic

☥- Prayer & sound alchemy. 


An example of a session could include a light transmission, a technique to heal a feminine ancestral wound/line with the Black Rose & the practice of Womb Breath or a womb rite. In addition, the process could include soul retrieval, purification ritual, or reconnection of a significant ancestor.  

Online Rose Transmission with Mary Magdalene

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