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The Rose Initiations


I offer The Rose Initiations as a three-fold initiation journey, consisting of three sessions over a period of time, each lasting 2 hours. This powerful rite of passage is designed to ignite and consecrate your personal journey.


In-Person Sessions:  If you choose to have your sessions at a sacred site, they can be booked differently to accommodate the unique energies and experiences of the location. These sacred spaces enhance the initiation, providing a profound connection to ancient wisdom and spiritual depth.


Online Sessions:  Enjoy the transformative power of The Rose Initiations from the comfort of your own space. These sessions are crafted to bring the same depth of experience and sacred connection.


Each initiation is tailored to the individual, inviting inner enquiry and exploration before we meet. This personalised approach ensures that the initiation resonates deeply with your unique journey, guiding you towards greater self-awareness and empowerment. 


The journey unfolds over three sessions:
- First Session: Introduction and initial activation of the initiation.
- Second Session: Deepening the experience and further exploration.
- Third Session: Sealing the initiation and integrating its energies fully into your life.


This structured approach allows for a gradual and profound transformation, supporting your growth and alignment with the sacred mysteries of the feminine.


All my love, 




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Threefold Rose Initiation

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