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A powerful and healing Sacred  Ritual oil


Ingredients: Wild mugwort and pink and white yarrow infused into organic Olive, Jojoba, Ashwagandha and apricot oil. Organic.  


Ritual:  Prepared with the ancient Celtic wheel of the year incorporating lunar and Venusian mysteries and magic.  


Activation Rite: Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris, is a mystical and mystic plant of the Moon. Mugwort is deeply connected to the feminine, her cycles, dream time and the Moon Priestess.  She induces vivid, lucid dreams by reconnecting us to our star body and she is a powerful healer and oracle.  Yarrow is a herb of Venus and is a guardian, a heart and energetic protector, and a teacher of our boundaries, worth and healing potential. Hold to your heart or Womb and breathe whilst receiving the seed of life geometry into your heart, womb and third eye. You will feel it when it is activated.



Suggested Use: Use for self-anointing, anointing the Earth or others in the ceremony. The ancient fragrance will embalm you in love, remembrance and pure devotion. 


30 ml 1 oz

Yarrow and Mugwort Ritual Oil

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