Image by Jessica Lewis

Red Rose


Asha Centre,

Forest of Dean


2-4 2020 












A 3- day intimate women’s Red Rose Immersive  into the

​Sacred Feminine Mysteries of the Rose with Mary  magdalene.


I invite you onto the path of the Priestess to journey into the lineage of the Rose for healing, nourishment and reclamation.  

The Retreat is based upon the natural wheel of the year and will be accompanied by a specific series of Rose temple teachings that have been created to take each participant deeply into womb wisdom and sensual empowerment.

This is the path of devotion and as a priestess of the Rose it is your mission to re-discover, remember and realign yourselves to your true nature through the reclaiming of your soul’s gifts and memories both ancient and new. This will be your journey to help you rediscover your own sovereignty and sacred intent in order to access a greater love and honour of self within the unity of wholeness.

You will be lovingly guided on your path of inner transformation by the presence of your higher selves, the earth, the stars, the Moon and Sun, Venus and Sirius.

You will journey into the Red Rose Temple of L O V E   W I S D O M  &   P O W E R  to recalibrate and re-educate yourself through practice, teachings, ceremony and magic from the rose grail lineage.

What you can expect~


🌹The Red Rose teachings 

🌹Rose tea womb Ceremony

🌹Rose Alchemy journey with Patagonian Rose tincture and Flower Essence

🌹Spring water bathing



🌹Morning yoga

🌹Tantric Dance

🌹Fire ceremony, dancing, singing and uniting with the fire element

🌹Silent Mediation


🌹Water baptism

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This is a deeply beautiful, stirring & courageous soul’s calling.

A taste of our time together


Chloe will guide the retreat and share sacred mystery teachings of the Sophia Rose & Maria Magdalene frequencies.

 We will follow a specific route and configuration called the Rose Mandala. Leading the group step -by step - into an inner journey of inner guidance, intuition &  liberation. Fully held by the Goddess, the lady of the lake, Angels and Star Beings.




 Evening sound ceremony/concert





Saturday -Morning Soul Sadhana, prayer and song 

followed by Rose tea, breakfast & intimate time

11.30am -Rose Water Ceremony, Magic & Ritual

2pm Lunch

 -Quiet sanctuary time in the beautiful gardens & forest

4p.m- Temple Teachings


6 pm- Evening ritual & integration session

8pm- Gorgeous Supper 

Sunday -Morning Soul Sadhana, prayer and song 

followed by Rose tea, breakfast & intimate time

11.30am -Red Rose Temple Teachings

2pm Lunch

4 pm- Closing ceremony


Each day will vary dependent on weather as we will spend much time in nature, in the waters, Rose garden and upon the land. 


Is this for me

Do you have a calling or deep stirring to know 'thyself' more intimately through raw love & reverence as a receptacle of the delicate frequencies of the Magdalene.

You are ready if you wish to 'come home' through the powerful journey of the Magdalene womb and the triple flame of the Sacred Rose. 

Do you wish to open and trust in love, wisdom and power 


To walk the path and Sophia wheel of miracles and magic 

To align to your souls destiny.

To Reclaim your sacred sexual life-force.


To open your senses to the lore, magic and truth of the elemental worlds & universal oneness.

To embrace your creativity and sensual beauty through Sacred Tantric Dance. 


To activate, integrate and heal the ancestral lineage through the Magdalene Womb.


To consecrate your vow of inner marriage & Anoint your body with the holy waters & Oils. 

To embody the voice of the Priestess.

Educate the body, emotions and mind through the Rose womb mysteries & Blood lineage.


Open to the path of enchantment and innocence  for healing.


Embrace sisterhood as a Rose Priestess in service to the Goddess


To have fun!   


As part of the pilgrimage each participant will receive a Moon Cycle mandala, an Avalon Rose Essence and we'll work directly with the Rose Magdalene anointing oils. Each participant will receive access to the online Sacred Rose Mystery School portal.



Our sacred Rose sanctuary

The Asha Centre is situated in a mystical forest that holds the physical and ethic Lemurian dream temples of our ancient forefathers and Mothers.


The temples and mounds are aligned to the sacred ascension gateways in Egypt such as the sphinxes and great pyramids. The retreat centre has the most beautiful rose garden, fresh and nutrient rich spring water stream, labyrinth, majestic trees, flowers and fairy grove. 



As well as being in the gardens we will spend time walking in the forest and bathing in St Antonhys Well which is an ancient site of ritual and ceremony. The land holds deep wisdoms of rememberernce and activation from the ancient shamanic and druid alchemists, the Golden Dragon collective, the Fay alchemists and the Sisterhood of the Rose.  

As spirit earth keepers we will commune with trees, flowers and the waters,  igniting our deep connection to the spirit of nature, the elements and the lineage of the Rose.  We will consciously connect into the star temples of Avalon, StoneHedge and Avebury to anchor the Lemurian Dream temple in this specific holy vortex.