The Way of the Rose -




Soul Alchemy,  through love, is the essence of The Rose Medicine and is the diamond feminine principles of life and universal love. These wisdom codes are imparted and embodied within the lineage and Mystery School of the  Sisterhood of the Rose. I work with the Rose medicine in Sacred Women's Retreats, rituals, essence making and RoseSpirit Passes to re~awaken and remember our divine feminine and masculine union. This remembrance is a journey of loving ourselves and our deepest pulse. Honouring our creativity, sovereignty,  gifts and more fully activating our Souls Destiny. 

The new profound feminine energies we are receiving are giving rise to and transforming the divine masculine and feminine  essence to new levels of consciousness. This union is the path of the soul alchemist, The way of the Priestess who carries the Goddess within and courageously brings forth new light and love for ALL.

The Rose Code teachings are of universal love and living from our natural state of balance and harmony. 

It is the energy of nourishment, abundance, birth and letting go into all that is.

Living in Feminine Oneness and Sisterhood. 






Healing Sisterhood 

What you can expect on the retreats, in sessions and pilgrimages~

~Light Activation and Affirmation


~The Infinity and Tantric Channel openers~

womb~heart~third eye activation and re-calibration ~grounding and awakening the purity and innocence of the body and soul


 ~Light body and DNA illumination ~ awakening and embodiment though the Rose Codes Wisdom


~Body, Mind Emotion and Soul purification initiations. 

(Influencing the natural cycles and rhythms of the feminine body, hormone, systems and senses.) 


~Divine sensuality and sexuality union practices ~Moon and Sun light activation ~

 breath and yoga

~Fertility ~conception~pregnancy~birth~ parenthood


~ Nourishment to accompany your journey


~Empowerment and Self~ Mastery through communication with nature


~ Sacred Touch



Always inLove,