Sacred Rose



Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah





 A 4 day intimate women's journey into the sacred rose within



Cherie & Chloe invite you to the beautiful lands of Utah,  to embark on a quest to know 'thyself' as Love through the depths of the sacred feminine mysteries of the 

Red Rose.




Do you have a calling to remember the lineage of Maria Magdalena & to walk the way of the Holy Grail.

To receive new wisdom & truths of the Rose line. 

The Red Rose & Magdalene frequencies will guide us through specific womb temple teachings.  The programme offers tools, healing modalities & experiential integration sessions to embody new knowledge & perceptions. We will practice Yoga, Rose Womb Passes, Breathing sessions, ceremony, ritual & song.


These passes of initiation work directly with the  Womb to awaken,  integrate & heal memories, ancestral lineage & physical imbalances.  The Rose Codes restore & re-programme the Womb Space & reconnect to the heart & mind.

Essentially Remembering the Rose within.







sacred marriage  remembrance  elemental embodiment

we will walk the sacred labyrinth of the land, ley lines & and waters. To connect & feel the elements .

 you are invited to experience & awaken  the rose codes deep within you body 






















A taste of our time together


Chloe & Cherie will guide this immersive retreat & journey to unveil the sacred mysteries of the Red Rose & the Magdalena frequencies. The programme is a sacred container of knowledge & wisdom and is supported by daily yoga, walks in nature, oils, flower essences and integration session.   

 We will follow a specific spiral which essentially is a methodology that will lead the group step -by step - into the inner sanctum of the Rose within.



We will laugh, cry and experience the blessings, synchronicties & miracles of the red rose Magdalene frequencies 

Our Rose Sancturary

our rose sanctuary 

big cottonwood canyon, utah

Marriage ceremony Holy Chalice Well

Morning sadhana Tor orchard -Morning Yoga, prayer and song 

followed by Rose tea & Breakfast

10.30am -Intimate Quiet time

walk, sauna, hot tub, writing, singing, Sisterhood Lunch Sacred journey on the land

 -Quiet sanctuary time

4p.m Red Rose Temple with Mary Magdalene

(Rose ceremony, Magic & ritual journey to the Rose Venus Temple. Integration session


8.Pm Supper

Evening Sacred Tantric Dance, candlelit meditation & song


Each day will we will follow the temple mysteries & into the Grail Centres

Day 1 Rose Initiation into the Rose Temple Day 2 Womb Day 2 Heart & Day 3 Mind -sacred sight


We will gather at the family run cabin in the Wasatch National Forest & Canyon  surrounded by wild magical and majestic life and pristine nature. This will be our sanctuary & temple space to receive the Red Rose teachings. 

We will enjoy our practices both inside and outside as there is a yoga deck facing the tree, along with a hot sub, sauna beautiful wooden table to share our experience and food together. 


There are private and shared rooms which you can choose before booking. 



The Wasatch Mountains are home to many species of wildlife including mule deer, elk, moose, pheasant, duck, geese, sage grouse, forest grouse, chukar partridge, mourning dove, beaver, and raccoon. These are to name just a few of the 630 species of wildlife that are found in Utah.


Is this for me

Do you have a calling or deep stirring to know 'thyself' more intimately through raw love & reverence as a receptical of the delicate frequencies of the Magdalene.

You are ready if you wish to 'come home' through the powerful journey of the Magdalene womb and the triple flame of the Sacred Rose. 


Do you wish to open and trust in love, wisdom and power 


To walk the path and Sophia wheel of miracles and magic 

To align to your souls destiny.

To Reclaim your sacred sexual life-force.


To open your senses to the lore, magic and truth of the elemental worlds & universal oneness.

To embrace your creativity and sensual beauty through Sacred Tantric Dance. 


To activate, integrate and heal the ancestral lineage through the Magdalene Womb.


To consecrate your vow of inner marriage & Anoint your body with the holy waters & Oils. 

To embody the voice of the Priestess.

Educate the body, emotions and mind through the Rose womb mysteries & Blood lineage.


Open to the path of enchantment and innocence  for healing.


Embrace sisterhood as a Rose Priestess in service to the Goddess


To have fun!   




sacred Exchange 

Early Bird Special until August 16th, 2020 - $777 

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Sacred offering includes 

All Magdalene Rose Initiation and teachings

Red Rose Programme

Daily beautiful treats, Teas& vegetarian foods 

Waterfall visit

Daily Pilgrimage within the canyon 

Moon Cycle Chart

Avalon Flower Essence

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Accommodation & Meals

Does not include

Transport & transfer to & from the venue






Chloe Mercer            Cherie Burton


Chloe is an alchemist and shares the teachings & medicine of the Rose lineage.
Imparting frequencies of the sacred feminine mysteries through sacred temple dance, soul tantra yoga, ceremonies, ritual and magic.
Offering Rose Magdalene circles, moon lodge, women's passes and rites of initiation for healing, divine remembrance and sacred union.

The Rose Alchemy Teachings are delicate and powerful experiential and spiritual tools for an empowered and abundant life. 

The methodologies and practices are shared in  immersion, retreats, pilgrimages and programmes for those on the path of the Rose.
" I heard a whisper from my womb & ancestors one day.  They said to me you are here to walk & Embody the way of the Rose. To pass on the wisdom & knowledge of this ancient lineage, our Rose ForeMothers & this Path to source. 
Through the whispers of my womb & my heart I was guided to inspire women onto their personal journey of empowerment & homecoming. To ascend through the body & the soul & to carry forth the Magdalene flame.  As part of my gifts I share the voice of the priestess and impart the truth that we are all precious & that our lives are sacred.
 Aho. "  
Cherie is a pioneering spiritual psychologist whose evolutionary STAND SPEAK SHINE method transforms women into authentically embodied and empowered feminine leaders.
As a mother of six, author, international speaker and host of the Women Seeking Wholeness podcast, she is passionately driven to guide women influencers to heal, express and create, using the “new feminine leadership paradigm.” She earned her degrees in psychology and sociology, and held group therapist positions in a psychiatric facility, a teen behavioral facility and an addiction recovery center.  Cherie was crowned Mrs.
Utah 2004, and has become a skilled mentor in speaking, beauty, and “queenly secrets,” coaching multiple females who won beauty pageants.  Cherie is an avid researcher, mystic and teacher of the Divine Feminine, having pilgrimaged throughout the world to study the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene and the ancient priestesses.
She has written and produced audios, training programs, and transformational retreats. With a keen focus on addressing the whole woman on multiple levels, she dove into Yoga Teacher Training and became a certified mind/body facilitator in the unique modality, Perfect Healing. 
Her unique expertise is in the science and spirituality of sensory integration.  

We look forward to seeing you beautiful souls.

Chloe & Cherie

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