Rose Temple

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Rose Temple

enter the temple of your inner rose sanctum...



The Rose Temple offers women's wisdom through the lineage and medicine of the Rose. This, in essence,  is a path of love, power and wisdom through the body. This is an opportunity for women to awaken ancient and new memories, souls gifts and inner knowledge.    This is a contained space to step onto a path to know ‘Thyself’ more fully.  through creative and empowering feminine methodologies,  tools and wisdom teachings. Opening to the space of softness and of love through the rhythms,  cycles and magic of nature and life. Healing through the sacred feminine mysteries our spirit, lineage and our blood.

Renewing and restoring through sacred union and coming home to our sacred garden within.


The Rose Temple is a platform to facilitate the transmissions and teachings of the Rose Lineage and Divine Women's Wisdom.

The retreats and programmes offered have been formulated to deliver sacred wisdom and gnosis from Isis Rose Mystery school and are a fusion of sacred feminine mysteries, shamanic awakening and Earth- Star knowledge. 


These ancient teachings and methodologies offer new ways of remembering, reclaiming and activating our DNA and bodies into divine soul alignment.

It is through the body and the Womb portal that we blossom in consciousness and in form. 

The school formed through the Isis & Rose mystery school lineage. This is an offering of Divine Remembrance, Reclamation and Devotion though harnessing our natural state of being.    This is a Soul lead template and a practical, intuitive and embodiment based education container. Serving as a catalyst to new WAYs of profound healing through  magic, ceremony, ritual, elemental awakening and rose medicine.










sacred temple & sanctuary 




 Divine Marriage Womb Awakening Elemental Remembrance

The cultivation of our sexual and sensual life-force for healing, Union and Embodiment as the path to Source. 

This is the path of Rose Alchemy, the Holy Grail. The wisdom has been passed on & anchored through the teachings and embodiments of Rose Mothers & Temple keepers of the Earth, Venus, Sirius, Moon and Stars. 

At this time on earth there is a deep healing and transformation taking place within humanity and the core wound is the separation between our sexual life-force and spirit, the Goddess. 


The sacred feminine teachings and mysteries unite the sacred sensual nature of being in a body with the celestial light of our souls. 


The practices of soul tantra is a rose mandala and is an integration of pranic practice, tantra yoga, rose passes, voice and prayer, magic and ceremony.

This is a path deep path of courage and liberation into new levels of being, thinking, feeling and embodying. 





Soul Tantra & sacred Temple dance





& Programmes

Divine union is a combination of activation meditation, breath and yoga. 

Yoni Egg 

Womb massage

The Jade Egg is a tools used in conjunction with the Core Light techniques which include Core Light Yoga, Jade Egg Practice and Womb Massage.

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