Magdalene Rose




9-18th 2021 


 A 10 day journey of a  lifetime into the magical lands of the andes




This is deeply meaningful invitation from my heart to yours. To walk the way of the Rose upon the ancient soils of Patagonia & to witness the full solar eclipse golden gateway

I  have a personal affinity with the land and deeply revere the purity of the kundalini presence is holds. 


Over these past decades the Earths kundalini has shifted from the eastern axis to the spine of our planet, south America. Argentina being the root & sacral home for this pristine energy within this continent. This will be a powerful spiritual quest within and an immensely beautiful immersion into the  vast landscape, star planes, waters, plants and animals kingdoms of our Earth.  

We will enjoy

Yoga* meditation

tantric practices

water bathing

ritual& Magic

rose ceremonie

star gazing

hot tub

fire massage

delicious foods



lakes, rivers and mountains & nature

retreat time

This is for those who have a calling or passion to walk the way of the rose in the most pristine, abundant and still nature.

Our time will be spend in beautiful homely retreat spaces ,so no hotels as its a real life experiential pilgrimage.


In this intimate journey of home coming you will be immersed in the Magdalene frequencies and the elements of natures. It will be a fun,  practical and experiential based pilgrimage of  self- healing, remembrance & activation of the pure Earth Rose, Kundalini.  

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 you are invited to experience, embody & awaken on the the path of sacred union.



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A light insight into our time together

We will spend the first part of our pilgrimage in retreat at the family chakra in Mallin,  near El Bolson. Here we will gather, walk, practice yoga and meditation, swim in natural waters and receive purification treatments of our choice. These can include, fire massage, sweat lodge * closing bones ceremony & more.   After our grounding,  RE-TREAT & purification we will journey through the magical lands & Lake district of Patagonia. Arriving at our new retreat space near the site of the Eclipse. We will stay here,  in this phenominal location,  for 3 days & night. This is a private family location so deeply special & intimate place of inspiration and peace. Here we will enjoy the sacred mountains lakes and stars. We will gather in circle, ritual, silence and dance.  Our final days together we will travel back to our home in Mallin near El Bolson and integrate, receive and celebrate our blessings.  


Our Rose Sanctuaries


We will have 2 main locations and retreat spaces,  both are gorgeous and personal to my heart, during our journey. 

All details available on registration