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The Natures wheel of the year is turning during the bright illumination of the Gemini full Moon. In the northern hemisphere, we are entering the final descent into the stillness of the fertile realms of Winter Solstice/Yule. In the southern hemisphere, it is Summer Solstice,  the longest day of the year. This is a time when the Sun is at its full strength shining bright in the sky. 


We will journey into the dark womb alchemies to a birth new light as part of this awakening.   Venus goes retrograde for 40 -days as we open into the mystical path of the Violet Rose.  This has been incorporated, infused and attuned into the vision and curriculum of this temple journey as an intentional Sadhana with Venus.  Click VENUS for more details.   

"An ancient "School of Prophets" understood much about the cosmos and used natural time cycles to mark out the course of history. For them, the cosmos seemed somehow much closer and more relevant than it does today.

Among other things, they believed that specific doorways or gates were leading in and out of "heaven". These portals were believed to be located at the points where the ecliptic (the pathway followed by the Sun in its annual progression along the zodiac) crosses over the Milky Way.

Significantly the Sun now sits at one of these gateways at the solstices. By a process of analogy: "As Above, So Below", this indicates that it is now these "stargates" are opening". 

Adrian Gilbert


Let's begin,  Magdalene Priestesses. 


Violet  R O S E


Invoke through the spoken word or song daily with the Violet Rose affirmation


I Am the vision of love




Sophia Transmission Live - Replay


Image by Alex Blăjan

The Violet ROSE Mysterium

Self Study rituals, practices and sound alchemy

Image by Bruno van der Kraan

“The Rise of S O P H I A,  the return of the True Feminine in Unity”

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