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Week 2

waning half moon

I Am

Receive the codes of the Jasmine Rose through the creative and intuitive sound of the voice.

This is a raw cut from a channelled song prayer that came through me after a devotional yoni practice. There is no professional recording kit, no filters just the creative gift of what came. 

This is a cultivation of softly opening and receiving space to embrace the voice within. This will play a potent role in the Magdalene Temple Keepers year path. It will act as a tool for healing and integration as each Womanx will create her own prayer and song maker, recode and share in sacred circle. 

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White Rose Sophia Transmission Live- Replay

The White Rose Manuscript

The stories, Mythos and practices within the White Rose manuscript will unravel layers of gnosis and love that are keys of light and revelation. 



Invoke through the spoken word or song daily with the  White Rose affirmation


I honour the sacred masculine within 

 my king codes of integration and wholeness are activated

I am returned to sacred balance.

And so it is. 



Om Mani Padme Hum

I Am the jewel in the lotus

White ROSE Mysterium


Self Study rituals,                                                                             practices and sound alchemy




We have arrived at the turning of the Natures Wheel and the White Rose temple. In this Golden season, we celebrate the Lion's gateway and Mother Mary's ascension day, the 15ht of August and in the northern hemisphere, the Lughnasadh fire festival. In the southern hemisphere, it is the time for  (the Imbolc fire festival, please read the Imbolc guide).  Lughnasadh is a High Holy Gateway of abundance, harvesting our fruits and ascension.


In Celtic mythology, it is now high summer, and the union of Sun and Earth, of God and Goddess, has produced the First Harvest. Lughnasadh is the celebration of this first Grain Harvest, a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance. We work with the cycle that Mabon or the Autumn Equinox is the Second Harvest of Fruit, and Samhain is the third and Final Harvest of Nuts and Berries.


As Sirius comes into its Zenith in relationship to the Sun and the Earth, we enter into the white Rose mysteries with Jeshua. 

And so it is.

“The air that we breathe is born of the breath of our Earth Mother. The light of our eyes, the hearing of our ears, both are born of the colours and sounds of our Earthly Mother”


The White Rose Curriculum  

  •  Introduction video

  • The Rose Manuscript

  • Affirmation 

  • Tantric Mantra

  • Rose Disc Activation

  • Seed of light transmission

  • Avalon & Mudra Video

  • Soul Tantra Practice

Lughnasadh Blessings

Blessings Sisters,

During this temple path, you are invited to begin to integrate the White Rose and its profound meaning of everlasting honour, peace and union. The White Rose signified loyalty and the blossoming between a man and a woman when getting married.   

The white Rose brings peace, tranquillity and harmony into any patterns, memories and energies disconnected from your true inner rhythms. 

With this remembrance, I invite you to place the white into all your womb cycles. Then, at the beginning of any cycle, imagine, perceive or intend the white Rose within your womb.


The first day of bleeding is counted as the first day of the cycle, and the cycle ends on the last day before the next period. After that, the phases are menstruation, follicular, ovulation, and luteal.


We then divide this complete cycle into four (4) parts, each representing a different phase related to the moon's phases, the different seasons of the year, and the different phases of a day cycle. 

 A healthy cycle is usually from 25 to 33 days long; if your cycle is shorter or longer, it is suggested that you observe if there is an imbalance in the subtle, emotional or physical level.


A lunar cycle comprises 29.5 days, but each lunar phase (New Moon, Waxing, Full Moon and Waning) can last from 6 to 9 days, depending on the cycle. Thus this changing aspect of the moon cycle invites us to leave the linear and logical thinking and instead enter into a process of feeling and flowing more intuitively and subtly; this, in itself, is an excellent exercise of reconnection with the subtleness and the mysteries of the sacred feminine.


Rose womb cycles

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