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Deep J O Y Resonance

Yellow ROSE Chamber


Alchemy Ritual practices

Welcome to the Yellow Rose Teachings and to the saturation chamber or house that is a specific initiatory womb ritual practice guided by the Mother Avatars of Venus.   The chamber  attunes and aligns the  mind, emotions, body and soul to the same current, frequency and reality as your essence. The light codes and fractal geometry within the chamber make up an alchemical emanation of your soul's essence and the essence of the yellow rose of Joy, radiance and  rejuvenation. This is to be done as frequently as your body requires.


♀Saturation Chamber 

Image by Alex Blăjan
Y E L  L O W    R O S E

♀Goddess Sacred Practice  

 The Star Goddess transmission is a powerful channeled gift from the unified field of the Rose Mandala and the Yellow Rose with Hathor. The star Goddess transmission contains specific crystalline templates that will reactivate the empowered wisdom of the three Magdalenes,  the High-Priestess, Priestess and the initiate. This sacred trinity will serve as a support, mentor and guide as we open to new layers and initiation of the Rose Initiate. The template is a subtle quantum field to connect with for self healing, healing others and in group global dreams.

Image by Rawan Yasser

Yellow  ROSE Mysterium

“The Rise of S O P H I A,  the return of the True Feminine in Unity”

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