Yoga and Movement 

The Union of Spirit and form. 


Core Light ~ Yoga


Yoga is physical, mental emotional and spiritual practice  of union that comes in various different forms and varieties. It inspires different derivations, and this form is Core Teaching Yoga. Integrated with a highly conscious way of living, from consumption of the right foods, to positive mental attitude and a purer lifestyle, you to can unlock the power of Yoga and Living in your life.


Core Light Yoga is the art of being and awakening to our power through self-love, integration and  co-creativity to empower and bring forth the souls gifts, healing and wisdom for the physical ascension of the whole. The body is now shifting from a carbon based template to a crystalline body of light



The body is beautiful and we have created it in co~creation with Gaia, it is its own intelligence and has a highly evolved connection to the soul which is always present and infinitely free. The Light Body is the form of our suble anatomy our crystalline consciousness within the core of our being. Through the art of Core Light Yoga, you become more aware of this subtle connection and the bodies inter-connected nature within the web of eternal life and light; the emotions, the mind, the cells and all.




Yoga  aligns the being to our crystalline light body (our natural carbonless body structure) and the whole through: Powerful conscious,


Blessings and affirmations,

Postures (in stillness and flowing),





and visualisation


These components are essential for opening the heart to the profound love and unity embodied in our core bio-creational form and DNA.  A shift of perception takes place as we realign our focus upon a loved based reality of or dreams which ripples down into our physical form. The art is in accessing the still-point, the soul and being present in the now moment to re-awaken to the power of our life-force, compassion and joy. 



Clarity and joy becomes the state of being and the soul path is illuminated clearly, and the the love that exists within everything. 






















Yoga and Living 
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The Breath

Soul Breath bringng harmony and healing into teh cellular structure of the body. 

Core Light Breath*

Union of the spirit Into Being*


shadow breath etc

i coudl feel the body leaving lighter lighter way of living 


discovering different explorations leading to my inner being acceptance of who i truly am* live from your gifts deep trust in myself and the fullness of who i am . Being free trust a god and intelligence is working with me* manifesting the beauty of life x


Our body is a gift*


The practice aligns the being to the crystalline light body through powerful conscious breath and thought. Opening to the united consciousness embodied within our bio-creational form and DNA. Accessing the pure source within and then moving into a magical and healing movement form. The inspirational form is an integration of yogic postures and awareness, movements sequences from lineage such as White Eagle and natural creative healing postures and sequences.


The intention of the practices to to become still and merge with the Light Body (our natural carbonless body structure) aligned to the structure formation of Gaia*, through powerful conscious breath and thought. elf The practice involves shifting perception into your true natural state and through deep gratitude and love it organically emerges with ease and joy*. This accesses 


physical body aspects




connecting new encodings of light divine masculine and divine feminine unified grid of oneness. sacred geometric light body. retiring to our original innocence. 

Divine Body as One* Its natural crystalline expression. Sacred geometry with the body and breath from the internal movement and stillness universe from within and synchronising with the universal movement and stillness within all. A yoga form that has derived from inspirational teachings such as Kundalini and Hatha based yoga, and most importantly personal experiences of self healing and grounding of vitality and light consciousness into the body.    The ever evolving form incorporates stillness and sequences that activate and attune the chakra systems, the organs and physical body down to the cellular structure. Offering light into core beliefs and bodies that shape our reality. 


Yoga offers individuals to realise and experience the Core Essence within and the innate truth of being free.   The form brings awareness to the separation of internal consciousness (microcosmic, self) to the  cosmic Essence a(Macrocosmic, All) that has been created over time. These realisations can be uncomfortable as they bring forward  patterns that do not align to the attunement of being a pure free being, (Sattvic).


Becoming One with Spirit.


Yoga is an integrated and holistic system of self-loving thy-self as one with all (energetic to the cells) and forming the energy of unified flow. The life-force and awareness is contained and lives inbetween the inhale and the exhale Core Light Teaching Breath: Breath, where we naturally rest within the breath.  Ascension movement and Yoga intentions lie in the conscious  and clear focus of  our life-force (prana) and universal light in the body and mind to rejuvenate organs,  systems and energy lines, heightening the capacity for a more refined consciousness and experience of life. 


The seeds and inspirations within the Yoga includes The White Eagle lineage,  nature, my children, Yogic systems and Mystery Schools and Temples.


Core Light ~ Yoga; includes many aspects but we will focus upon the element of water as a seed of inspiration as it forms the the much of our physical vessel and teaches us the power of our body and its ability to cleanse and move our configuration into a  (sattvic state) naturally. Pure, natural drinking water, flows with a crystal formation, and is full of vitality. Low-quality water, impure, (Tamas) is not in its natural form and does not flow with vitality and cannot form high vibrational crystal structures. This is the beauty and awesomeness of our body, through awareness, movement and the breath it can fully heal and transform into its highest potential. 



"Secret Language of Water" - Dr Masuru Emoto

"Water is changing when people talk or play music to it"




Today; give yourself time to be still, 

Breathe and take walks in nature.




This body is a bridge to your higher self. Honour and love your body, nurture it through high vibrational thoughts, foods , movements and sounds. Step into nature daily. Grow flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables and they will hold the healing qualities needed for you. listen and open to all your sense so that you can hear the messages from Your Soul. 

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