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Blue Lotus is a beautiful, sweet,  sensual, transformative flower, initiator and knowledge holder.  This flower is considered one of the highest-frequency medicines, along with Roses that have been deeply revered as sacred in many modern and ancient cultures. Blue Lotus roots and stems rise from the nutrient-rich layers of the Earth and waters, unfolding gracefully to the Sun as she comes to the surface. 


Blue Lotus releases her enigmatic fragrance,  regenerative magical powers and gifts that include transformation, womb healing, third eye cleansing, and connecting each initiate with their pure, creative soul self. 


The flower essence works with the aura, cellular structures and the emotional body.  


Working with the medicine ritualistically can open the inner secret language of the body and awaken deep remembrance of our cosmic nature and earthly paths of truth and empowerment. 


🌹Ingredients - Egyptian Blue Lotus flowers infused in activated spring water and crystal essence. Brandy. All organic. 


🌹Creation story -Created on the 17th of July,  at the cancer new moon, harnessing these watery energies of tenderness, spaciousness, the subconsciouses, illumination and the deeper, softer realms of our beings. 


🌹How to use - Use 3 to 6 drops sublingually, in water or on acupressure points. Follow your intuition on how many times per day. This is a vibrational medicine of the heart. 

Blue Lotus Flower Essence

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