The birth Story



I Am deeply honoured you are here!


To share in the integral dream we all have an hold within us. 

The dream is the essence of our becoming.  It is the creational whispers and encoded wisdom of Mother Earth and All.

Presently these frequencies are being birthed and tended through us as we live our dreams into reality.   Grounding the flames and codes of Power, Love and Wisdom through the womb, heart & sacred sight.


I would love to share a glimpse into my journey & vision quest that seeded, gestated & birthed the

Sacred Rose Mystery School. 

The re-Initiation & embodiment of the Rose lineage literally descended through my birth canal as I delivered my daughter in 2008.

My Daughter Freesia Jasmine stayed on the Earth for 2 days & from this moment the Rose Medicine was anchored. Since,  it has weaved & continues to spiral through my DNA, blood, & bones. Initially the teachings come forth to transform, cleanse and rectify this specific Line of the Sacred Feminine & Womb Wisdom.  Paving the way for other initiates to come. 


I was initiated into divine remembrance of my lineage through my Venusian daughter. I can recall the exact moment in turkey a month after her ascent. 

4 years ago I received the name Sacred Rose Mystery School during a walk.  Over Solstice 2019 I was given a reminder (nudge) that it was time. I shared in a sacred circle with 2 sisters on the Tor, Avalon.  We journeyed into the inner realms of the temple and during our time we were given the names of ancient mystery schools that had been birthed and anchored within the Tor.  When I heard the sacred rose mystery school I felt this immense presence and opening in my body, arousing strong emotions that surged through me. 

I had a deep knowing that its was time.

From this point onwards I have been gifted with direct high-initiations which have been beautiful, deeply painful and of truth. 

My role & mission is to pass on,  guide & impart the ancient & new knowledge of our Rose ForMothers. 


To be a conduit of the Goddess. 

Chloe Melissa

My sacred mission is to live fully present as who I Am & to pass on the teachings, knowledge & wisdom keys of our ancient  

Rose lineage.

I share as  a feminine Wisdom Guide my gifts as a soul alchemist, a healer and priestess,  specialising in Sacred Rose medicine.   I finds peace and divinity in nature amongst the flowers, trees and grasses.  I Am is passionate to restore sacred sisterhood and the vitality and health of the sacred Women.  I work as a plant medicine practitioner and find joy in the magic of life, the Stars, Moon and the Sun. I enjoys creatively weaving song, movement and devotional prayer in nature to connect and commune with the elementals, fairies, animals, plants and trees. 

As a Mother, I  Am deeply committed to the unfolding path and awareness of children upon the planet.  Working alongside sensitives and the Hybrids to assist in anchoring new levels of love.
  “The children are a blessing and truly brings me home”. 
"I share wisdom teachings of self-mastery, sovereignty and the way of The Rose.   Birthed through personal experience, knowingness and direct teachings from masters, mentors and guides. I offer transmissions, programmes, magdalene Rose circles  soul healing sessions, soul tantra yoga and womb massage."

 Sacred Rose Mystery School

The school is a portal & Temple for women who are on the path of the priestess, medicine women & star guides and is for those who are ready to take the next step in their evolution.


Its essence is aligned with the Rose Temple of Isis & the ancient Rose Mystery earth school. It offers a contained temple space for women to explore, experience and transform through Sacred Rose Alchemy. The wisdom teachings are rooted through the priestess mysterium (curriculum) & natures wheel of the year.


The school is both online and physical as there are virtual and in -person offerings through retreats, programmes, training, magdalene circles and pilgrimages all around the world. 


The intimate & delicate mystical teachings and practical tools and offer a infrastructure to know ‘thyself’ more fully through knowledge,  divine wisdom and experiential embodiment. The methodologies integrate, harness and weave elemental connection, magic & sexual life-force alchemy & innate sensual awakening of our beauty. 



"I see the wisdom teachings as keys, portals and sweet songs to walk through the initiations on our paths of service". 



I share a more in-depth explanation of this Sophia philosophy & teachings I share in my 13 moon programme, on retreats & on Pilgrimages.  The Rose Temple Keepers Programme is a year long Rose journey & training for those who have a calling to deepen their souls & to share these tools with others. 


The teachings are delivered through specific Rose Lineages &  Temple Guides, high-priestesses, medicine women and Star Empresses. Imparting knowledge from the Rose Temple, Venus, the moon,  Sirius, the Earth & the stars. 



The Sophionic wheel of the year 

Moon & Venus Magic, cycles and Rhythms.

Knowledge from the Tree of Life

Holy Grail codes & Rose Priestess way 

Ancient Star knowledge & Tantra of Venus

In Essence this is a new earth school for the soul. An experiential feminine based education portal for ascension and awakening. 

Serving as catalyst to a new WAY of love through magic, ceremony, ritual, elemental awakening and rose medicine.


"It is time to remember and be to ordained and anointed into the true essence within."



All my Love,