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Welcome, beautiful souls! I'm Chloe, the founder of the Sacred Rose Mystery School. I'm excited that you're being called to the path of the Rose and the incredible journey of self-discovery, joy and soul remembrance it offers. Our school is a celebration of the earth, the stars, and the sacred within ourselves.

At the Sacred Rose Mystery School, we honour our ancient heritage, connecting with lineages such as the Mermaids, Grail Priestesses, Tuatha de Danan, the dragon queens, and the Magdalenes. Deep within each of us, dormant keys and memories are waiting to be awakened - our origin, gifts, and powers. Through Magdalene's Priestess Path and sacred practices, inner alchemy, ceremonial magic, and rituals, we delve into the healing and transformative codes of the Rose- the Divine Feminine path of Love.

My purpose is to transmit Magdalene frequencies. My passion and ministry is to guide and impart the ancient and new teachings, knowledge, and wisdom keys of the Mystical Rose and Venusian revelations.   In 2008, I experienced a heightening of my inner perception, spiritual healing gifts, and soul's purpose during my awakening and re-initiation into the Sisterhood of the Rose. One of the most profound soul-body memories rekindled within me was the Priestess Way and the medicine of the mystical Rose. 


During this heightened awakening, I directly connected to my higher self, soul's guides, inner teachers, and ancient Mothers such as Isis, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene. Although I grew up in a spiritual household as a child, I wasn't consciously aware of Mary Magdalene and her biblical incarnation. My parents were a part of the early years of the Findhorn Foundation and later guided people in a shamanic way. This nurtured and supported my creative imagination and direct contact with higher realms, elementals, and guides.


I came to deeply appreciate the pure essence and creativity I cultivated in these early years when confronted with a painful and deep initiation into the underworld. During my descent into the Mother's womb, I awakened to my Venusian roots, Gais wisdom, and an intrinsic guiding light, Mary Magdalene.


Much love and devotion,


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We Are ONE
On the path of sacred
inner union

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