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Rose Transmission

with Mary Magdalene 

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This is a sacred & creative process of 'Self' loving Thy Self, Soul Remembrance & sensual embodiment.  


Session length- A prevision 20-minute chat followed by a session 1 hour plus hr 

Cost- £111

On booking, you will receive a welcome email that includes a schedule. 

You will receive a personal 1: 1Magdalene transmission of light directly embodied through Chloe. Chloe works with Mary Magdalene & other Rose Mystica guides such as Isis, Merlin, Jeshua,  the Seraphim angels & the Faeries. 


As a Magdalene Tantric guide, Chloe Incorporates sacred & spiritual tools, Tantric artistry and Womb healing. The feminine practices & modalities are a vital way to ground into the body,  to reconnect & to integrate the Power & Wisdom channelled through the session. These include the individual wisdom keycodes & 5th-dimensional templates received during soul guidance & messages.


Chloe shares through light-langue, sound, sacred feminine practices &   guided journeying/Meditation, bringing through a unique resonance of Angelic light & Rose Ray dedicated to divine Remembrance, Reclaiming & Feminine Healing. 


In Essence, this is a personal alignment & attunement with your higher self & the Magdalene Frequencies to cleanse, reset & align to the wisdom of your 'Womb', sacred purpose, hearts-joy & Destined Path.  


The session can include the following-


☥ - A Transmission of Light with Mary Magdalene

☥ - A unique affirmation or vow

☥ -Sound/voice healing,

☥- Working with the Quantum Roses, their mystical lineage & Rays

☥ Soul Tantra (This is a whole system of Mystery School practices & Mysticism.) 

☥- Magdalene Womb Work- Cycles, rhythms, initiating the feminine centres

☥- Water & Rose Ritual

☥- Conscious breathwork

☥- Cellular Reprogramming 

☥ -timeline synthesis

☥- Purification & Healing

☥- Sensual & sexual awakening & Magic

☥- Prayer & sound alchemy. 


An example of a session could include a light transmission, a technique to heal a feminine ancestral wound/line with the Black Rose & the practice of Womb Breath or a womb rite. In addition, the process could include soul retrieval, purification ritual, or reconnection of a significant ancestor.  

1:1 Womb Anointing & Healing session

The session is an intimate in-person, soft, powerful womb-awakening journey with Chloe. We incorporate gentle womb solar and lunar massage techniques, attunement, sound, transmission, template download, oil anointing and feminine healing practices such as the yoni steam. All the Womb artistry is a form of anointment with energic and sacred touch. 


The essence and purpose recall personal energy,  renewal, and realignment to the Womb's power, wisdom, and well-being through a reconnective feminine process.   The process is a creative and intuitive ancient methodology incorporating sacred regenerative sensual arts and practices to open the sensory centres/points of initiations within the Womb and body.

Womb anointing and healing is an embodied mystery path of returning home to the Womb as an oracle,  chalice and gateway to our creative power/life force. In its raw impulse, this creative power is our connection to source, soul, body and lineage. This is a vital alignment to re-create and heal our relationship to our body, sensual nature and sexual magic. This is a devotional journey of blossoming, experiencing, sensing, and feeling from deep body gnosis. This gnosis is ignited and remembered through the direct embrace of our Womb as sacred, vibrant and alive. Our Womb consciousness grows and expands as we begin to embody new ways of listening,  devoting and acknowledging our spiritual, emotional and physical layers and their interconnectivity.


 Healing and alchemising painful imprints, memories and patterns through love is a part of this experience of returning home, confidently filling our well-spring with rose codes of feminine flow, self-love, radical self-acceptance, communion and abundance. However, restoring the Womb to its full power requires commitment, new sacred inner vows, surrendering to joy, and the mystical path of inner sacred marriage.


The Session

We enter the healing Temple of the Rose with Mary Magdalene. 


1 - Invocation- Magdalene Tranmisson, download and Womb anointment. It activates the intimate centres so the body can receive the Womb Rite or blessings. This could be a direct Goddess ISIS attunement, for example. 

 2- Alignment by applying a specific quantum rose and a template specific to the individual healing—sound, trauma release with oils, sacred geometry or crystals and working with ancient symbols and glyphs. Rest before receiving the yoni steam. 

3 - YAointment with oil and water  

4-  You will receive the chamber of healing and the Christ cacoon once complete. Here you will receive a Womb/pelvis wrap with flowers/herbs. 

5- To compete, you will rest, integrate and flourish. 



2 to Hours                        £188

Click the button and select Womb anointing and healing session. On booking, you will receive a welcome email, and we will discuss your session requirements through email. We will then schedule the in-person Womb experience. The greatest gift to thy self. X


This is not an internal treatment session; however, it is an excellent pre-requisite for this work and working with the Jade egg.  


“How a woman relates sexually in her life is deeply connected to her groundedness, her self-esteem and her ability to transmit powers and energies of transformation. One of the main observations of ancient figures of women is that they are both sacred and sexual at once.”Vicki Noble. 

Welcome into the initiations temple of the Rose to honour, consecrate, bless, release and enter into a new cycle of your life. 

The Initiations are specific transmission rites, encoded wisdom and magical ceremonies to guide individuals through a particular threshold in their life. It is a sacred embodiment journey of restoring wellness and harmony within. 

Chloe facilitates, holds space and conducts the initiation ceremonies alongside the Magdalene Priestesses, connecting to the planetary womb consciousness. Each Initiation is a creative activation of inner sacred union and connection to the individual higher self. It is of empowerment, authenticity, blossoming, healing and becoming. They are rites of passage that root deeply into the body, awaken the feminine Christ's seeds within and connect individuals to codes of the new earth.

It is an alignment reset to raising individuals to new self-love, mastery, health, happiness, crystal clarity, purpose and destined attainment. 


Each Initiation is an intimate journey and personal Remembrance ceremony through the Magdalene Mysteries & Way of the Rose. 



Birth Rite-

A birth rite is an initiation blessing and soul calling to the Mother and unborn child. You will receive a beautiful transmission ceremony that will prepare the Mother, baby,  family and home spiritually and physically for the new arrival. The ceremony includes sacred songs (a channelled song for the baby), rituals and ancient feminine practices. The session is 2 hours long and is done in person. 



Daughter of the Rose Menache - 


Menarche (first bleed) is the most potent Initiation of becoming for young girls transitioning into Womanhood. It is a rite of passage that marks a powerful awakening of our inner life force that has been, to this point, a more imaginative, inner realm experience. The Rose Daughter Initiation is a vision quest and includes a journey before and after the bleed. It offers all women pre-bleed,  bleeding or post-bleeding who wish to reclaim this transitory cycle in their lives to experience wholeness.  


This Initiation ceremony is about reclaiming and remembering this fundamental embodiment gateway of Womanhood. 


Online 1-hour session - £ 88

In-person 2.5 hours -£166


Magdalene Initiation

The Magdalene Initiation or re-initiation is a sacred transmission and journey of remembrance into the lineage of the Magdalene, the Rose. It is a direct ceremony,  channelling and sacrament specific to the individual's requirements. 



The Session


1- Introduction to the Initiation and Rose Ceremony.

2- Invocation and Transmission  

3- Sacred Practice 

4- Initiation

5- Seal


Online 1-hour session - £ 111

In-person 2.5 hours -£188


Click the Book a Session button and select your Initiation. On booking, you will receive a welcome email, and we will discuss your specific Initiation through email. We will then schedule the Initiation online or in person in the UK (Avebury, Avalon, France). 



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