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Upcoming Events

  • MAGDALENE MASTERY Initiation Path | Level 1
    MAGDALENE MASTERY Initiation Path | Level 1
    Tue, 12 Dec
    12 Dec 2023, 19:00 – 19 Apr 2024, 19:00
    The Magdalene Mastery program and initiation is a transmission and immersion that will take you deeper and higher with the beauty you have remembered and awakened on your path and training.
  • Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage 2024
    Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage 2024
    Fri, 23 Aug
    23 Aug 2024, 15:00 – 26 Aug 2024, 13:00
    Glastonbury, Chalice Well Trust, 85-89 Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DD, UK
    You are invited to an intimate soul's homecoming journey into the mysteries of the feminine and masculine codes of the Rose rooted, woven and dormant in Avalon. Over four days, we will gather as an intimate inner Magdalene circle to activate deep remembrance and to receive the nourishing anointment.
  • Magdalene Pilgrimage Retreat - Egypt 2024
    Magdalene Pilgrimage Retreat - Egypt 2024
    Sun, 22 Sept
    House of Life
    22 Sept 2024, 14:00 – 02 Oct 2024, 10:00
    House of Life, Abydos
    Explore the enchanting and enigmatic world of the Egyptian rose, the way of Mary Magdalene, and the lineage of Hathor-Isis on an 11-day spiritual journey. This is the trip of a lifetime and a rich opportunity to encounter an inner depth of beauty and restoration.
  • Rose Moon Lodge
    Rose Moon Lodge
    Tue, 29 Aug
    29 Aug 2023, 14:00 – 30 Aug 2023, 20:00
    Glastonbury, Glastonbury, UK
    This day in nature offers women the special opportunity to purify and connect with the earth in sacred sisterhood around the fire, in honour of the the ancient feminine wisdom of the Rose, the Moon, the Earth and the sacred arts of purification, renewal and alchemy.
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