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Welcome to the sacred rose mystery school



These are stirring and powerful times of revelation, resurrection and change as we enter into a new cosmic creational cycle.  As part of this cycle, we are experiencing higher octaves of divine feminine energy on our planet. This resurgence is opening new portals and paradigms,  assisting in birthing a new human consciousness on Earth.
As part of this mystery unfolding, we are undergoing a deep inner emergence and devotion upon our path of self-love and soul advancement.   

 As part of this emergence, divine remembrance and reclamation we are evolving to new levels of embodiment and resonance through new codes and templates of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine.



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This is a sacred earth school of the soul.
A new template of feminine based education & women's wisdom. Offering methodologies and tools for embodied remembrance, reclamation and service.

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