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The Sacred Rose Mystery School offers ancient initiatory traditions for remembrance through alchemy and devotion to the Magdalene lineage and order. It is founded on the mystical wisdom traditions and concise teachings, modalities and healing arts of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua that re-awaken our connection to life, fertility and the cosmos. 


Mary Magdalene embodies the sacred. As a high priestess of soul tantra and the anointing arts, she has preserved the Grail mysteries of Isis and the Priestessway. Her spiritual work weaves powerful and loving feminine energies with the secret language of the body and our innate gifts and knowledge.

Rose is the most exquisite symbol of the Grail mysteries and the queen of the flower kingdom. Rose is revered for her fragrance, depth and womb-healing medicine. Rosa Mystica is an order that serves the Holy Grail lineage of which Mary Magdalene is a part. Rose is the wisdom keeper of Mystical Union, and her scent is sacred to Mary Magdalene. 


The school is a temple that, over aeons,  has tended, preserved and emanated the holy lineage,  mysteries and esoteric wisdom traditions- The Way of Love. The Mystery Schools' origin is rooted in the stars and was seeded on Venus and other powerful star temples (locations) upon Gaia, including the Tor, Avalon.

As an Earth-based school of embodiment, it is re-emerging and re-birthing through Magdalene's of the Golden Dawn - as prophesied by our ancient foremothers and fathers. 

  Mary Magdalene's knowledge and mastery of the soul's journey through the womb mysteries of Isis is a profoundly shamanic tradition that incorporates ceremony, ritual, methodologies, tools and magic teachings as its foundations. These include purification, growth, integration and awakening practices and are offered within the curriculum, modules, courses and initiatory retreats and pilgrimages.


 These include nourishing and uplighting ways of healing through the land and our lineage, transcending and awakening our body and remembering our cosmic nature through sensual arts and mastery. 

All My Love & Devotion, 


I and my Beloved are one



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