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You are invited to join us on an intimate journey into the mysteries of the feminine and masculine codes of the Rose, rooted, woven, and dormant in Avalon. Over the course of four days, we will gather as an intimate inner Magdalene circle to activate deep remembrance and receive the nourishing anointment arts and practices of Mary Magdalene.


The entirety of this sacred sojourn is a Rose initiation that will guide each priestess into the Magdalene traditions, energies, temples, gods, and goddesses of these mythical and magical lands. We will walk to sacred groves, springs, the Magdalene chapel, the Tor, and temple spaces in Avalon to honour and unveil the deeply profound Magdalene codes of healing and renewal. Then, on the fourth and final day, we will journey to Wearall Hill for the final closing ceremony.


After the closing of the Pilgrimage, I will be sharing a Rose Moon Lodge and Seal in Nature on the 27th of August from 2-9 pm.


Mary Magdalene will guide our paths of initiation, activating inner gateways and ancient memories of power through the art and light of Sacred Marriage Anointment. Anointing is a beautiful and sacred art form that supports integration and re-consecration, heals inner wounds of separation and distorted truths, and lights the soul's path in service to the Goddess.


Experince the jounrey and listen to the guided mediation to Avalon. 

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a 4-day immersive 23-26th

August 2024

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"An Intimate celebratory journey of within and without."


The enchanted and magical lands that hold keys to our true origins.


Avalon is a landscape and a realm that is shrouded in mystery, and it is known for its beauty and feminine wisdom. It is a Holy Sanctuary and Isle of the Heart that contains veiled rose codes and energies of magic and mysticism. Avalon reflects the sacred within and without, above and below.

Entering Avalon means entering the innate blueprint of creation and the great mystery. The mystery invites us to summon and open ourselves to new levels of self-love, acceptance, and inner knowledge before entering into the flame of transformation. The lands embrace unconditional love and compassion that guide us into initiatory thresholds of soul advancement. These initiations offer embodied experiences that activate a renewed sense of self and communion with the inner beloved.
Avalon's fertile body holds ancestral codes, potent purification energies, and many wisdom keys that can be accessed and remembered. The remembrance can be ignited by walking on the earth, learning from sacred folklores, stories, ancient traditions, mystery schools, moon colleges teachings, and arts that have preserved the purest elemental and star-based mysteries, bloodlines, and fae consciousness.



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Sacred Commitment

On Friday, 3.30–6 pm.

WE WILL GATHER IN A SACRED grove to initiate the journey through a beautiful earth ceremony upon the land, followed by an anointing in the White Springs, to which we have private access. 


We will retreat at Chalice Well garden, receiving tantric practices,  
anointment rite and pilgrimaging in the garden. We will have a private/sanctuary space for the day so we can receive and retreat. 

We will enjoy a moonlit evening walk up the Tor.  

On Sunday -10-3
7-9 Private Magdalene chapel 

We will begin our day with A blue lotus ceremony and then a pilgrimage to oak avenue and the apple orchard to receive a holy rite. 

We will have a private sound, prayer and devotion ceremony at the Magdalene Chapel.  

Monday 10–1 pm

We will Pilgrim to wearall hill to carry out our closing circle of seeding our soul dream.


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The lands of Great Mystery and love


"WHEN TWO BECOME ONE IN THE EYES OF THE ONE, ALL IS awakened into its true state of MAGIC."




Beloved, we will enter into a timeless and blessed priestess pilgrimage of Self-Love and the inner union over four days. 

You will journey through the rose mysteries with Mary Magdalene,  the Avalon priestesses and Earth guides.

We begin on the 23rd of August at 3.30 pm and finish on the 26th at 1 pm.  



Sanctified Temples

Over the four days, we will journey together into the mysteries of sacred marriage anointment. We will practice rituals and sacred honouring at the following sites. 

Tor Groves

The Tor

Apple orchard

Mog and Magog

Chalice Wells Garden and House

The White Springs- Private Access

The Magdalene Chapel- Private Access

Waerall hill

Dione Fortune tomb

At each site, we will practice the artistry of anointing the womb and heart to awaken the Bridal Chamber. 


Magdalene Water Rites, practices and teaching. 

Chloe will be the devotional guide and transmitter of the Magdalene Anointing rites and teach holy artistry and sacred practices.  

During the pilgrimage, each participant will receive the Magdalene codes through transmission, anointment, ritual and sound frequencies that activate inner divine remembrance and homecoming.


Where to stay

There are some fabulous places to stay, from camping near the Tor to the Chalice Well retreat centre. Glastonbury is busy during the summer, so I recommend booking your accommodation beforehand. Upon enrollment, each participant will receive a welcome email with contacts and inspiration for lodging, food, places to visit before and after, and pre-practice material.

What's not included

You will need to bring your picnics, drinks and food during our time. 

The pilgrimage does not include travel to Glastonbury, flights, accommodation and food. The nearest airports are Bristol and Heathrow, London and Birmingham. 

Magdalene Altar
Red Rose Live
Red Rose Live Replay
Blue Rose Live
Pink Rose Live
White Rose Live

I would love to come!

To register, please click the join button. Once you have enrolled, you will receive a welcome email. Please get in touch with me directly with any questions or to connect. 


School Initiates- 1 Payment of £480
3 Monthly Payments of £160

Non-School Initiates- 1 Payment of £560


3 Monthly Payments of £186


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As the custodian of the Sacred Rose Mystery School, Chloe will share her wisdom, inspiration, and ceremonial magic as embodied through the Magdalene tradition of love. 
She will take you on a journey through the holy lands, acting as a direct transmitter of Mary Magdalene's teachings. The path is specifically designed to follow a feminine pathway of sacred healing through the inner mysteries of holy marriage. 
Chloe's love of anointment brings forth profound experiences that lead to a personal and collective unveiling of feminine truth and liberation. 
With Love & Devotion,



Your Guide


  • Whats is a Sacred Marriage Vow?
    A Sacred Marriage vow is a commitment and covenant to thyself through an ancient ritual blessing rooted in the Magdalene traditions and mysteries. The magical fertility rite activates and connects the initiate/participant with specific codes of awareness and reverence. Essentially, it is an embodied act of honour and love to open internal gateways into the mystery, fertility and the divine feminine. The holy artistry synchronises the initiate with inner power, the elements, nature, and the cycles of the Sun, Moon, Earth and the Stars. A fertility ritual is a creative blueprint for embodying life's heart, soul, and potent creative and sexual energies.
  • What is a High Holy Sabbat/Day?
    There are 8 High Holy Sabbaths within the Natures Wheel of the Year and they mark seasonal points and patterns of power and light within nature's cycles. Each High Holy Sabbath traces the Earth's orbit around the Sun. They are celebrated and reveared as sacred and significant gateways to carry out ceremonies and high alchemy. The 8 holy celebration are called; Samhain, Winter Solstice/Yule, Imbolc, Spring Equinox/Ostara, Beltane, Summer Solstice/Litha, Lammas and Autumn Equinox/Mabon.
  • How can I contact you?
    If you have any further questions about the pilgrimage or would like to contact me, you can email me directly at, and I would love to connect with you.
  • Where is Avebury Stone Circle?
    Avebury Stone Circle is a sacred henge monument in Wiltshire, near Malborough. The area is abundant with sacred sites, both temporary and ancient, and the stone circle is called the Great Serpent Temple. The ancient landscape of Wiltshire contains magnificent and powerful natural temples, including Avebury Stone Circle, Silbury Hill and West Kennet barrow, where we will adventure. They are all interconnected and linked by the flow of the masculine and feminine natural earth currents. These currents are the Micheal/Masculine/solar/serpent and Mary/Feminine/lunar/serpent dragon lines. For thousands of years, indigenous and ancient spiritual people have pilgrimages, revered and carried out ceremonies and magic within these stones. Avebury is in Wiltshire, southwest England.
  • What is a Rose Priestess?
    A Rose Priestess is a woman and Magdalene who is a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds, a Holy Vessel and conduit for the Divine. She represents mystery, fertility and the Sacred Feminine Principle. The Rose Priestess is a catalyst and beacon of light in service to the Goddess.
  • UK dress Wear-What should I wear for the Pilgrimage
    The British Isles weather is always temperamental, so please ensure you have a light waterproof coat, layers, walking boots or good shoes, snacks and water. Dress in comfy clothing/leggings so you can move with ease and your ceremonial dress. Finally, bring a journal and any talismans such as crystals or tinctures you wish to enjoy to commune with the land.
  • France Pilgrimage- How far is the centre to Saint-Maximin and Sainte-Baum?
    From the retreat centre, it is around 45 minutes to the town of Saint-Maximin and a further 15/20 minutes to the foot of the ancient forest that leads to the cave.
  • What is the weather likely to be like in the South of France in October?
    October in the South of France isn't really autumnal, it's more “Indian summer” October is a great time for cycling and walking. During the high season from June through September it is very hot but October temperatures are usually perfect. October Weather in Aix-en-Provence France. Daily high temperatures decrease by 10°F, from 73°F to 63°F, rarely falling below 55°F or exceeding 80°F.
  • France wear- What clothing will I need in the South of France in October?
    The weather is really beautiful in October and will be pleasant during the day and cooler at night. Please ensure you have a light waterproof coat, layers, walking boots or good shoes, something to swim in. Also, bring comfy clothing/leggings so you can move with ease and your ceremonial dress. Finally, bring a journal and any talismans such as crystals or tinctures you wish to enjoy to commune with the land.
  • Cancellation and changes
    At this time, we are going through such powerful world changes, and as part of this transition, we need to be spontaneous and flexible. Therefore, if the pilgrimage has to be canceled or postponed, you can receive a full refund if you can transfer to the new dates. For cancellations you will receive a full refund minus £250 as a non-refundable deposit. If you cannot attend the new dates, you will receive the refund minus £100 to cover transfer cost and taxes and other costs, which are different for each Initiation, pilgrimage or retreat.
    AVALON PILGRIMAGE The nearest airports are; Firstly, Bristol, then London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Birmingham. FRANCE PILGRIMAGE Nearest Airports; Firstly Nice Côte d'Azur Airport and then Marseille Provence Airport. ARGENTINA PILGRIMAGE Travel to EZEBuenos Aires Airport and then take an internal flight to Bariloche. You can also get a night but from the capital to Bariloche coach station.
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