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A 14-day journey to explore the Divine Feminine and the enchanting world of Egyptian rose and rediscover your soul and purpose. 

I am excited to invite you to join me on a magical Pilgrimage and immersion in Egypt. Together, we will embark on a spiritual journey, exploring the sacred teachings of Mary Magdalene in the source lands of Kemet, Egypt. As a high-initiate and priestess, Mary Magdalene was ordained in the temples of Isis and the mystery school. With her guidance, we will uncover the roots, arts, and knowledge of her legacy with Jeshua.


The full program is 14 days, with the option to join the first 11-day immersive or the 3-day sacred pyramid initiation at the end of the pilgrimage. 

Egypt is a place of magic and mystery, where we can connect with the Source within ourselves and unlock the great internal mysteries that long to be awakened. Mary Magdalene and Jeshua were highly trained and initiated here, and they will lovingly guide us into the transformative energies of Egypt through self-reverence and remembrance.


As a soul group,  we will begin a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, where we will learn how to purify and activate ourselves. We'll visit healing temples and receive teachings from mystery school traditions that date back to ancient lineages of the shining ones and the cosmic Mothers, including those from Atlantis and beyond. Join me on this intimate journey to recall the wise teachings of our ancestors.

This is the trip of a lifetime and a rich opportunity to encounter an inner depth of beauty and restoration. 



"Into the Rose Mysteries of Mary Magdalene and her source codes of Sophia"


A Magdalene Pilgrimage

22 September to 5th October 2024

An immersive journey in Egypt to explore the source mysteries of Mary Magdalene. Choose the 14-day full program, or the 11-day immersive experience, or the 3-day pyramid-activating pilgrimage.

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The holy lands of Abydos 

The mysterious and magical lands of the Shining Ones are full of secrets waiting to be discovered.

Our pilgrimage will include a retreat at Abydos's House of Life centre in the middle of the pilgrimage. Here, we will participate in a beautiful healing program that includes healing arts,  Magdalene meetings and sharings, oracle and divination sessions, ancient Egyptian footbaths, healing baths, and cultivation practices. We will also have the opportunity to stargaze and incorporate sunrise and sunset prayer, embodiment exercises, and rituals into our experience.

Alongside the retreat program, we will visit the temples daily, which are within walking distance, where we will do a process of activating the seven seeds of fertility, visit the holy tree and experience the vibrant Egyptian culture and land. 

The Abydos Temple is a unique healing temple with seven chapels dedicated to major Egyptian gods and goddesses for healing ceremonies and rituals. It was part of a 3-part plan to build a temple with seven floors dedicated to the Gods/Goddesses of creation on a Stargate site where celestial energy flows.


For over 6,000 years, Abydos has been a deeply spiritual centre and pilgrimage site, allowing for contemplation, reflection, retreat, healing and recovery of body, mind and soul. Once, it was a holy city and spiritual star gateway of Kemet, which was visited annually by thousands of pilgrims. 


In Abydos, the mysterious Osirion and the temples of Sety I and Ramses II were both built in honour of the cult of Osiris, the God of resurrection. Up to the present day, the Osirion and the temples are a source of the deep knowledge and mysteries of eternal life. 





Holy Lands


A Gathering of Powerful souls, Visionaries, Mystery Adventurers, healers and lightway showers bringing peace and inspiration to the earth from within. 

Sacred Commitment

Itinerary Guideline

Image by AXP Photography

Arrival Day 1  22nd

We will arrive in Luxor where you will be picked up from the airport. Once we've checked in at the hotel, we will have dinner together. Later, we will gather by the Nile and start our sacred rose path under the stars.

Image by Dmitrii Zhodzishskii

Day 2 


West Bank 

 We will begin the day with breakfast in the morning, followed by an opening ceremony near the Nile. Afterwards, we will head to the Statue of Memnon and explore the Valley of the Kings. We will have the opportunity to enter a few significant tombs where we will activate our first Rose. Following lunch, we will visit the elegant star temple of Hatshepsut and the Hathor Chapel, also known as the Temple of Light, to receive a foot anointment/grounding.

Join us on a pilgrimage and retreat of a lifetime alongside Mary Magdelene and Jeshua. Our journey will take us through a beautiful rose labyrinth of temples of light as we awaken ancient Egyptian rose codes, arts, and shamanic healing modalities within us. I will be working with Rose and Blue lotus as sacred healing and nourishing medicine during the ceremonies, in temples and incorporated in our daily program. 


We'll begin our journey in Luxor, where we'll stay next to the Nile and visit the Valley of the Kings, the Statues of Memnon, and the Hatshepsut temple. We'll perform an opening ceremony on the Nile, visit the majestic Karnak temple to meet Sekhmet, and then receive a Womb blessing at Luxor temple.


Later, we'll go to Abydos, our home retreat space, to integrate the energies and codes received thus far. Here, we'll enjoy Magdalene circles and meetings, sacred art practices, flower and holy milk baths, sound healing, and more delights to integrate the higher wisdom ignited. We shall also receive our Rose initiations at the Temple of Abydos, Seti, and Ramesses and activate the flower of life at the Osirion temple. In the Dendera temple, we will receive a sacred marriage rite. Those doing the full program will continue from Luxor to the 3-day pyramid initiation pilgrimage. We will stay in a lovely hotel and visit the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, Sakkara and the museum.

Our Journey

Image by 2H Media

Day 3


Karnack + Luxor

We will be visiting the temple of Karnak where we will perform a personal ritual in the sanctum of Sekhmet. After that, we'll take a walk around the temple and perform a restoration ritual. Next, we'll travel to the temple of Luxor to receive a womb blessing and experience the magnificent temple energy there. After we will have lunch and then head to Abydos.

Egypt 1

Day 4


Abydos + Temple of Seti I

We will begin our day with morning prayers, yoga, and breakfast. Then, we will embark on a journey to visit the Temple of Seti I. Firstly, we will receive an introduction to this magnificent star-healing temple and the Gab. After that, we will walk together to the temple for our first meeting and communion with its wisdom, messages and records. Later, we will return for lunch, have an inner Magdalene circle, rest, and swim in the saltwater swimming pool. In the evening, after dinner, we will observe and admire the stars, moon, and Venus in the sky.


Day 5


Abydos/Temple of Seti I + The Osirion Temple

We will start our day with Morning Prayers and Soul Yoga before breakfast. After that, we will visit the Temple of Seti I, where each pilgrim will perform a specific ritual. Later in the day, we will have a group meditation at the Osirion, which will activate the flower of life. You will have a free afternoon to integrate your experiences after lunch at the hotel. In the evening, we will perform a Venus ritual.


Day 6


Abydos + Temple of Rameses II

Before breakfast, we will do our morning prayers and then visit the Temple of Rameses II. There, we will receive a royal Rose womb sound activation in the Queen Chapel. After returning, we will have lunch and then participate in an Inner Magdalene Circle. We will then take some time to rest and integrate. In the evening, we will gather for supper and do a sunset practice. This will be followed by a ritual bath and oracular sound experience.

Magdalene Altar

Day 7



We will have an early morning breakfast followed by an adventure to Dendera, where we will walk through the temple complex in a particular initiatory pathway with the Hathors.    First, we will receive the Wings of Isis initiation, an anointing ritual in the Isis chapel, followed by movement in the Nut temple. We'll spend time in the sacred crypt of Hathor, where we will have personal time to receive directly from Hathor. a life fertility code. Next, we will admire the astrological wheel and the pyramid of Osiris. We will have a picnic lunch at the temple and return home for supper.


Day 8


Retreat Day

After a sound massage and foot bath on the rest day, Chloe will teach us the ancient Egyptian foot anointment ritual. Later, we will have an inner Magdalene circle to discuss and share our experiences.

Red Rose Live

Day 9


Day 9 Abydos

We will be taking a full-day excursion to visit the museum, the statue of Memnon, as well as the white and red monastic churches located in Sohag, which are considered to be some of the richest Coptic archaeological sites. After visiting these sites, we will return for supper, where we can enjoy swimming and integrating.


Day 10/11

1st + 2nd

 Abydos and Luxor

!st - A day of rest and retreat, including an intimate concert and sound bath ceremony in the afternoon/evening closing circle.

2nd- Early in the morning, we will travel to Luxor. Those continuing on the Pyramid tour will depart for Cairo at 2 pm.




· All hotel accommodations are shared (double occupancy) and are included for the 14,  11 and 3 nights.

 · FLIGHTS- If you continue to the pyramid program, you must organise your flight to Cairo from Luxor and meet at the taxi point or hotel near the Giza plateau.   This program includes all accommodations, travel, breakfast, and evening meals. 

· Transfers to/from Luxor Airport and hotel by a private air-conditioned vehicle for 11 days. The final trip to Cairo will be an organised flight to Cairo from Luxor, part of most international flight routes. 

· All transport between temples

· All meals

·  a pre-pilgrimage meeting online and a private group portal.

· A ceremonial medicine pouch/ manual, oil and essence to work with.

· All Goddess rituals, initiations, sound bath and sacred bathing and teachings led by Chloe during the program.

· All ancient Egyptian mystical knowledge shared by Aset and myself at the retreat centre

· Private driver and air-conditioned vehicle to/from all sites

· Entrance fees to all temple sites as indicated on the itinerary

Information call August 20th 2024




·Please note that the trip to the pyramids does not include flights from Luxor to Cairo. Therefore, you will need to book your flight to Cairo and meet me there. I will be travelling from Luxor to Cairo myself. Please feel free to get in touch with me for any assistance. In the welcome email, I will provide all the necessary information and details regarding the flights, meeting points, and time in Cairo.

· All international flights to Egypt and back home. 

· All insurance

· phone data

· $25 Tourist Visa obtained at Cairo Airport

· Personal expenditures like beverages during meals, shopping, optional services, laundry, phone calls, wifi…etc.

· Tipping is customary and much appreciated by hospitality staff, drivers, etc.



Image by Faqih Abdul
Image by Faqih Abdul

Days 11 - 14

Pyramid Temple Initiation Pilgrimage

To complete the 14-day immersion, we will pilgrimage to the sacred sites and mysteries of the great pyramids, including the Sphinx, Sakkara, and Giza plateau and the Grand Museum. These sites hold immense codes, mystical philosophy, ancient technological science, power, and frequencies.

We will enter a sacred immersion to connect with the eternal love and traditions preserved within these sites, which are reawakening at this time.


The program will delve into the hidden secrets of the rose vaults and chambers to uncover the gifts of alchemy. We will focus on ways to awaken through the power of myth, our relationship to the land, and our direct experience with the pyramids. Through soul remembrance, we will concentrate on the holy Mother and the Magdelene order in connection with this sacred site and the Lemurian and Atlantean lineages.

While here, you will receive an initiation and anointment, alchemy, and nourishment.

Arrival, supper and opening rite

Day 1-  Visit the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx-

Day 2- Visit Sakkara, the area and the step pyramid of Djoser, the pyramid of Unas and the old kingdom Mastaba's- Serepeum. 

Day 3- Closing Ceremony and visit the Grand Museum before going to Cairo airport or hotel. 


We will have an information and meeting call to discuss pre-travel arrangements one month before our trip. This will provide more details about the journey, and a brochure will be created to outline all the details. 



There is an in-school initiates cost for this pilgrimage for those currently studying within the school. 

 Full program 14-day trip - £3800 

For the 11-day immersive - £3200

 Pyramid Temple pilgrimage £68

 for school initiates 14 days - £3500

 for school initiates 11 days - £2900

 secure your booking with a deposit of £650, click here. 

We offer a payment plan on the remaining balance once the deposit is made.

The reservation and cancellation policy requires a nonrefundable £650 deposit at the time of booking, with final payments due by August 8th, 2024, 45 days before departure.

Single-room occupancy is available on request.  

After enrolling, you'll receive a welcome email with the itinerary for our adventure. It includes all the necessary details and information about the Royal Rose soul teaching I'll be sharing with Mary Magdalene.

Sacred rose mystery school icon

Your Guide


Chloé is the custodian of the Sacred Rose Mystery School, where she shares her inspiration and wisdom through ceremonial magic and the Magdalene tradition. Her teachings focus on the Egyptian rose mysteries connected to the lands of Kemet/Egypt and the soul path of sacred union. 

Chloé's journey is designed to impart these teachings to others to enable them to embody the rites through earth magic, anointing, and personal remembrance experiences. Her love and devotion to this path shines through in her teachings and offerings. 

As a guide, I serve as a bridge to the holy lands and the House of Life - a sanctuary for ancient healing arts and remembrance

See you there!

Egypt pilgrimage sacred rose mystery school

I am excited to meet those journeying with me and the Magdalenes. 

Blessings and devotion,


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