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You should learn how to plant something. That's the first connection


Floyd crow Hopi prophecy. 


Council of 12 overlight Magdalenes sacred Garden a garden sanctuary and temple of regeneration, creativity and connection rooted in the feminine tradition of the Rose. The mineral kingdom, the water spirits and the natural world hold keys to our awakening our remembrance of the deep knowledge, wisdom and mystery tradition of humanity and the planet. For a great cycle of time, we have forgotten our true indigenous roots, ancestral lineage and fruits of being human. The suppression of our inner gnosis and the mystery traditions of our ways have been replaced with organised and dogmatic religions that have prevailed and sought to control and embedded in power over their paradigm. teh chystalline structures and the 

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the council of 12 wisdom keepers of Magdalene sacred garden 


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"I and my Bride are One,
Just like Miriam the Madalene
whom I have chosen
and sanctified to myself as an example, 
is one with me."


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The Rose Path

The Magdalene Path & Gaia

The green path with Mary Magdalene


 year's path is a magical inner grail quest to reconnect with your ancient lineage and mystical roots and to truly acknowledge your soul's choice to be on Earth at this time as we restore the Goddess.    The Rose Priestess's path within the Magdalene tradition is an ancient way of devotion and workshop to the Cosmic Mother, the Rose. It is an embodiment path into the feminine mysteries of the soul, womb wisdom, sensuality and initiation seeded in the Stars.   

 The Rose path guides initiates onto a journey of divinity, wholeness and self-love through gnosis, alchemy, and sacred balance. This brings rise to precious opportunities for the unveiling and reclaiming of light and shadow aspects within, under the powerful mentorship, guidance and emanation of Mary Magdalene and the Rose.

The Magdalene Priestess is a 'Holy Vessel', a Magical conduit of the Divine Feminine, oracle and voice of the Priestess who holds a unique frequency of light in service to the Goddess. They tend to the 'Temple' (inner and outer, within and without body & soul), commune, and preserve the connection between heaven and Earth through the 'Bridal mysteries and the feminine arts.  

Mary Magdalene, "Miriam of Magdala", was the Holy Grail and High Priestess of the Temple and Queen of Isis-Hathor. Magdala means "high place" or "Temple, and therefore, the most profound purpose of the Magdalene Priestess Path is to return home through purifying and activating the Womb- and heart, our anchor point as women. This remembrance restores dormant rose codes,  knowingness and a deep inner trust in fulfilling our individual and collective soul expansion. 



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Rose Ritual

The Garden

Since ancient times, the Rose has been a symbol of mystery, the Feminine vessel and the depth of the Soul. The Rose is an ancient flower that formed part of the original garden of creation upon Earth. The Rose has an affinity with Venus and dates back more than 35 million years ago, with fossilised remains being found worldwide. Rose is a sacred symbol of Wisdom, a medicine of the heart, and a spiritual ally and talismans within sanctuaries, temples, and the feminine sacred arts and mysteries. 

The Rose is the Queen within the flower/Devic realms and is the master temple oil used in healing, anointment,   holy sacraments and blessings. 

cultivating and making herbal medcine and anoiting oils BEES

The Magdalene Order of Isis-Hathor was initially formed at the time of Lemuria (on Gaia) and is a lineage of Isis.  The line is a royal bloodline that comprises highly advanced beings adept in the Magdalene tantric teachings, high knowledge and practices that carries the Magdalene flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. 

The Magdalenes order is a unified field of consciousness, a highly advanced intelligence that has been seeded and woven into many different times, traditions and paths of Sophia -Christ.


During the year,  we focus on the Avalon tradition of the Grail and the Rose, the ancient Egyptian teachings of Isis-Hathor, Venus and the Wisdom of Gaia, the Moon, Stars and the natural world.  


The year's path has been curated from my healing and remembrance journey and shared as a gift in service to the Goddess.

From my heart to yours,

your guide and oracle.


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