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Part of the Avalon Rose Alchemy Range.


This Rose Elixir is a synergy of Red and Pink roses, Avebury hawthorns, organic brandy, raw honey and Avalon red spring water. She is the Rose Queen who weaves codes of self-love, strength and passion into your crystalline structure.


She will guide a delicate unravelling by softly decoding energetic templates and patterns of fear, grief, overwhelm, sadness,  betrayal or low self-esteem.

The Rose Queen is a protectress and teaches us how to create healing and loving boundaries. And how to awaken our inner sexual flame. Y

Her wisdom weaves into the inner mysteries of the womb, the blood, the organs, especially the heart, womb and brain by supporting the body's capacity to come into balance, regulate and restore.


The Elixir heals and illuminates through pure love. 


🌹Her gifts include -

Bringer forth the medicine we carry





& Divine Mother (Earth and Star) blessings


🌹Ingredients - Rose Petals, Hawthorn berries, Brandy, local raw honey & the sacred red waters of Avalon.


🌹Creation story -Created on Mary Magdalene feast day 22nd July 2022, and it infused over the lion's portal and Full Moon in August, aligned to Sirius, Venus and the Sun.


🌹How to use -A beautiful and soft ritual blend carrying ancient codes and wisdom keys for the physical and energetic heart and womb as an inner anointing healing nectar. Take 3-6 drops sublingually or in water.


The Rose elixir is a protector and Womb healer. The Reds and Pink roses alchemise together to awaken our inner sexual force (Eros)through the delicate and subtle impulses of unconditional love. The Elixir is a sacred soma of the Divine Mother and Gaia's wisdom. She comes to guide you in relaxing your sovereign sexual energies—the pure power of life. I recommend using it within a ceremony during a Yoni puja Sadhana as she will support the purification of the body by anchoring templates of strength or health and flow.

Rose Elixir

  • This product is not returnable/exchangeable due to its purpose..

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