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Tue, 14 May


Isle of Iona

Priestesses of Iona Immersion ☥

Join me for a two-day Yellow Rose immersion with the Priestesses of Iona, the Priestesses of the Ank. Together, we will explore the mysteries of the ancient Celtic Rose Lineage. The Rose Immersion will take place from May 14th to May 15th on the mystical Isle of Iona.

Priestesses of Iona Immersion ☥
Priestesses of Iona Immersion ☥

Time & Location

14 May 2024, 12:00 – 15 May 2024, 18:00

Isle of Iona, Isle of Iona, UK

About The Event



May 14-16th 2024

The source codes of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua in Scotland.

I am pleased to invite you to join me for a two-day Yellow Rose immersion with the Priestesses of Iona, the Priestesses of the Ank.  I have been guided that this is a pivotal and nourishing preparation for the Egypt Retreat in September 2024.

Together, we will explore the mysteries of the ancient Celtic Rose Lineage. The Rose Immersion will occur from May 14th to May 15th on the mystical Isle of Iona.

We will discover some key sacred sites on the land's ancient wisdom and rituals. Guided by the wisdom of the Priestesses who have walked the Christos Rose paths, we will explore the sacred sites and engage in ceremonies to honour our lineage and awaken the dormant wisdom within.

At the time of Magdalene and Jeshua's birth, Iona served as a focal point for a revered order of priestesses, who had temples upon the isles and who were known as the priestesses of Iona and the Priestesses of Ank or the 'sacred well of life', who influenced the Celtic legends such as the lady of the lakes for example.

Iona, nestled among several small islands off the western coast of Scotland, holds a rich and diverse spiritual history. Known as a 'sacred isle' for centuries, its shores have witnessed the interplay of pagan and Christian traditions, shaping its unique spiritual character.

Its Gaelic name, Innis-nam Druidbneach, meaning 'Island of the Druids', reflects its ancient pagan roots intertwined with its later Christian heritage.

Throughout its history, Iona has been a place of significance for spiritual seekers and rulers alike.  Today, Iona continues to draw pilgrims and seekers worldwide, offering a sacred space for regeneration, akashic records, deep contemplation and soul remembrance.

Iona, September - October 2024

Celtic Rose Pilgrimage: An Immersion into the Mysteries of Iona

Key Offering: Join us for a two-day immersion into the sacred Celtic Rose Mysteries of Iona, where ancient wisdom and divine feminine energies converge. Led by priestesses of Iona and infused with the lineage of Albion and Egypt, this devotional pilgrimage will include Magdalenen waters' arts and rituals.

On May 14th and 15th, we'll explore ancient wisdom and engage in sacred ceremonies—free time on the 16th for reflection and a self-lead closing ritual.

The ideal arrival is on the morning of May 14th or the day before.

Where We Will Be Going:

  1. The Isle of Iona: Explore the enchanting landscapes of the Scottish Hebrides and connect with the Divine Feminine at sacred sites such as the Well of Eternal Youth and the mysterious women's cove. We will enjoy the Magdalene water arts in the ocean and springs if the weather is warm.
  2. The Lady's Abbey, walk the labyrinth, Faery mound and immerse in the divine feminine journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.
  3. Ancient Isle of Staffa: Delve into the hidden mysteries of our ancestors amidst the towering basalt columns, resonating with the celestial energies of Venus and the Pleiades.

Key Points of What You'll Receive:

  • Guidance from Priestesses of Iona: Benefit from the wisdom and teachings of priestesses carrying the sacred lineage of Anna, Magdalene, and Jeshua.
  • Inner Magdalene Circle: Reconnect with the priestesses of Iona and the Rose Mysteries, deepening your understanding of ancient Celtic spirituality.
  • Divine Feminine Self-Discovery: Embark on a journey of inner exploration, honouring the Great Mother and embracing the transformative power of her presence.
  • Spiritual Resonance: Experience profound connections with the land's sacred energies and the holy waters' with the Yellow Rose arts.

Logistical Details:

  • Accommodation: Shared pod accommodations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Other accommodation options include B&Bs, camping spots, and hotels.
  • Arrangements: Participants are responsible for booking their accommodation and transportation, including ferries to the island. There is one pod still available that can sleep 2-4.
  • Cost: Pricing for the two teaching days is £150, and there are additional costs, such as the boat trip around Staffa, which is optional and very affordable and the accommodation.  If you wish to have a pod/accommodation, the price will depend on if there are 2 or 4 sleeping.

If this calls you, come and weave some magic and carry out some light work with me as we reconnect with the Priestesses of Iona and immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom of the Celtic Rose Mysteries.

This journey promises to be a beautiful and spiritual experience, weaving together the ancient lore and sacred energy of the mystical Isle of Iona.

If you are called, click SACRED IONA. 

All My Love and devotion,



  • Yellow Rose Immersion Iona

    This program covers teaching, rituals, pillaging, and anointment. However, accommodation, ferry transport, and the boat around Staffa are not provided. Please select the accommodation ticket if you prefer a pod bed (limited availability: two singles and one double). Otherwise, details on booking B&Bs, hotels, or the campsite will be provided.

  • Pod Bed

    I have reserved a pod that can accommodate up to four people comfortably. It has a double bed and two single beds. As a result, the price of the pod will depend on the number of people sharing it, whether it's two, three, or four individuals. If you want to book the pod, please let me know by selecting this ticket and how many beds you want. I will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the availability and the final price based on the number of guests.




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