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 Soul Mentorship Session 




This is a private Soul Alchemy Session, over-lighted by the Sisterhood of the Rose. This is for those who are guided to more fully align to their soul's destiny, happiness and truth through soul embodiment. The session includes mentorship, healing and spiritual guidance, channelled and received through Rose Initiations, light language, pranic and body alchemy, sound and transmissions. 



Each session is a unique journey and specifically created to the level of each individual's current path. The natural design of the mentorship session is to initiate divine remembrance and to connect with the individual’s higher self. To refine the purpose of each individuals' souls' path and trajectory through the unification of the life force within. Rose Priestesses also come forward with their specific Rose Wisdom and temple teachings of love, sovereignty and unity to support the blossoming of the Rose within. 



The session can include grounding practices to nourish and support the soul advancement. They are created to recalibrate and strengthen the crystalline light body, infusing the bodies systems, organs and meridian with life force for the fullness of health and energy. 




On booking, you will receive a welcome email and session suggestions. 








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Healing Session With Chloe 

Soul Embodiment through the Golden Spiral~

This is a guided in-person session to support the journey of deep soul embodiment and joy through Intuitive Womb Massage.  The session is a womb activation and practice from the lineage of the womb wisdom keepers and medicine women who walk the path of love.


This is the system of the Golden Spiral and derives from the healing lineage of the Rose. The modalities include sacred geometry initiation, womb massage, abdominal massage, breath and sound work. Through intuitive touch and healing, the gateways of the womb and pelvis are opened. Each point correlates with a specific initiation, system, organ and emotion. In turn, activating and awakening the matrix of the Womb and Root of the body.  Healing and grounding the being into new levels of vitality and presence.  Assisting physiological and energetic shifts of imprints and memory stored in the womb,  pelvis and root.   The session will also bring strength, activation and vitality,  through intuitive and energetic healing on the heart and in the body where guided.  


This is a multi-dimension healing session and the recipient will receive a guided soul transmission and womb massage that will align the body through the womb. Inviting a release of old patterns, wounds and dreams. Alchemising them into high frequencies so as to build the body as a temple, a crystalline body of light.   

Sessions include -

Plant medicine -Rose, essences and tinctures. 

Womb massage and heart healing.

The use of bowls and gongs. 

The voice and sacred sound/mantras. 




On booking, you will receive a welcome email and a schedule for your session. 








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This is a sacred earth school of the soul.

A new template of feminine based education & women's wisdom. Offering methodologies  and tools for embodied remembrance, reclamation and service.

Womb Yoni Egg Session

This is a personal and intimate soul advancement and healing journey.  An important purpose of the Yoni Egg Practice is to bring about grounding, healing and renewal of the Womb, to awaken the sensual nature of the heart and to reconnect to the life-force of the blossoming rose within.


We will travel into the temple of the Rose and receive a light transmission and guidance from the soul and the council of light.  The session includes practical knowledge and techniques on caring for and use of the yoni egg.    The jade egg techniques will facilitate the opening of the subtle soul tantric channel and will clear blockages through the intention, breath,  body movements and a direct connection to the Divine Mother.   Techniques will include dreamwork, plant medicine, a breath sequence, and yoga.  Consciously harnessing and cultivating self-mastery and life-giving light from within. 




The Session


1 ~ introduction to the practice of the Jade Egg. Practical and spiritual Health benefits and personal plan for use.

   Initiation into Self Love and healing ~ Ritual Dreamwork

2~ Transmission and activation of the Tantric meridian~ within the physical and subtle anatomy. 

3 ~ Conscious ~Breath of the Divine feminine and masculine Spirit of the Sophia Rose. 

4~  Yoga and Touch techniques to bring about healing, sensual awakening and self-love. 



“How a woman relates sexually in her life is deeply connected to her grounded~ness, her self esteem and her ability to transmit powers and energies of transformation. One of the main observations of ancient figures of women is they are both sacred and sexual at once.”Vicki Noble. 



1 hour 30 mins session   £144

The first session can be done without a yoni egg however, it is recommended to purchase one after the first session and to activate it through a beautiful  7-day ritual.  On purchase, you will receive a mini-manual on how to care for your egg, basic anatomy and the ritual.  Once we connect we will schedule an online session and begin this powerful healing journey. 


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Gift for you 

Gift for you ~ Jade Egg

Jade and Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs

Certified Nephrite Jade and Rose Quartz Egg for every Goddess who walks the path of Self-love


This is a Jade/Rose crystal-shaped Egg for internal use. 

Each unique Jade Egg comes with its own velvet pouch, an Avalon Rose Flower Essence and guide.  The eggs are medium-sized and drilled, the size is 1 & 3/4 inches long and 1 inch wide (4.4 cm long x 2.5cm wide).

Each egg is unique and has travelled from Canada to the Heart Chakra of our planet, Glastonbury where they each have been activated by the crystalline light in Avalon. 


Jade Eggs £50 not including shipping

Rose Quartz £45 Not including shipping


Shipping costs depend on the destination. Once ordered I will calculate the shipping costs or you can email me before. 

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