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The Red Rose is pure passionate alive, and grounded Love.  Rose is the flower queen and is a healing balm and powerful ally of the womb and heart mysteries. 


Rose essences's healing waters enhance unconditional love, tenderness, compassion and empathy for the self,  others and the earth. It realigns a right relationship to the body through the holy blood and feminine earth mysteries, passion and sexual vibrancy.   Red Rose will transform and remove thorns of grief, trauma, and heart's pain. 


Red Rose softens brittle edges and protective armour and brings light to unexpressed potential by guiding inner healing of suppression, restriction, and violation. The Red Rose restores equilibrium, stability, and grounding. She invites a release of outmoded petals, structures and truths to make way for new templates and roots. The timeless fragrance of the Rose envelopes each one with unconditional love and teachings about authentic and radical forgiveness through passion and inner redemption. 


Those looking for Love can work with Red Rose flower essence to call in a sacred union of the inner beloved and to invite a new higher frequency love relationship, co-creation and harmony of the masculine and feminine energies. 


Red Rose forms a protective rose light around the body to shield inner and outer negativity and harmful thought forms and energies.


This Rose Essence is a synergy of Red rose blooms, white and red Avalon spring water and the energetic of Avalon and Lemurian crystalline structures and codes. Red Rose is  the Rose Queen who weaves and emits radiant self-love, strength and sexual healing  into your body and emotions. 


She will guide a delicate unravelling by softly decoding energetic templates and patterns of fear, grief, overwhelm, sadness,  betrayal or low self-esteem.


The Rose Queen is a protectress and teaches us how to create healing and loving boundaries. And how to awaken our inner sexual flame. You will receive a guided journey to meet the guardian of your sexual life force on purchasing your Elixir.


Her wisdom weaves into the inner mysteries of the womb, the blood, and the organs, especially the heart, womb and brain, by supporting the body's capacity to come into balance, regulate and restore.


The Essence heals and illuminates through pure love. 


🌹Her gifts include -

Bringer forth the medicine we carry





& Divine Mother (Earth and Star) blessings


🌹Ingredients - Red Rose full blooms  & the sacred red waters of Avalon.


🌹Creation story -Created on the 22nd of May,  during daughters of the Rose initiation in a sacred tor grove, Glastonbury.


🌹How to use - Use 3 to 6 drops sublingually, in water or on acupressure points. Follow your intuition on how many times per day. This is a vibrational medicine of the heart. 


The Rose essence is an awakener of the Womb and protector. It dissolves old foundations to create space for new, fertile blueprints to support your passions, sovereignty and true soul path.  The Red rose activates the red rose thread and the lineage of the sexual mysteries from a grounded and self-loving place. Awakening inner sexual forces (Eros) through the delicate and subtle impulses of unconditional love. The essence is a sacred soma of the Divine Mother and Gaia's wisdom. She comes to guide you in relaxing your sovereign sexual energies—the pure power of life. I recommend using it within a ceremony during a Yoni puja Sadhana as she will support the purification of the body by anchoring templates of strength or health and flow.

Red Rose Flower Essence

  • This product is not returnable/exchangeable due to its purpose..

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