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a place for peace, healing and radical love

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Womb Passes

Womb Passes 𓂀   

The passes are a sequence of intimate practices that include; breath, mystical tantric yoga, prayer and sound. The methods impart the delicate wisdom teachings from the Isis Mystery School. Contained within the lineage of the Rose and encircled by the Sisterhood of the Rose. They have been formulated to illuminate, reawaken and reclaim our true nature through embodiment and divine remembrance.  


This is the ancient feminine practice, art and mastery of Rose Alchemy. It is restoring Womb-Heart- Mind Coherence through feminine self-love, well-being and sacred union. The magic within the alchemical journey simultaneously replenishes the central tantric channel Womb-Heart-Mind and re-awakens the divine blueprint within.


Returning the Rose to the Garden of Eden. 

The Rose Womb Passes are a sequence of 13 magical Stellar/Womb initiations and exercises designed to connect with the life-creating womb within and the Cosmic Womb of All (The Divine Mother). The Womb Passes are over~lighted by Mary Magdalene, and each pass reconnects individuals to an aspect/portal of the womb creatrix of the Rose Mandala. (womb). The 13 stellar/womb gateways are seeds of womb consciousness encoded in the Deep Red Rose and within our DNA.    Each initiatory pass correlates to a specific chakra,  Ray colour and the Rose /Gold Diamond templates.

This activates the infinity channel through breath and soul tantra yoga.


The process is a connection to our life force through alignment and purification.   The sequence is a cycle encoded within the wisdom of the rose mysteries. The passes can be done as a personal ritual or in a group,  honouring the rise of the rose wisdom within our inner temple (body). Individuals will experience re-calibration and rejuvenation in physical, emotional and mental bodies from the sacred magic of the womb.


It is the energy of universal love, creation, nourishment, abundance, birth and letting go.  

Living in Feminine Oneness and Sisterhood. 

Holy Maria 𓂀   

Maria Song
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