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The Priestesses of Iona are rising

The Mystical Significance of the Full Moon in Cancer during the Birth of the Son Solar Energy of Christ is awakening within

There was a lineage of priestesses on Iona that called themselves the Priestesses of Ank, or ‘sacred well of life’. Ank is strongly suggestive of the Egyptian Ankh, a symbol of life. Ionian priestesses were the basis for the Celtic legends concerning sanctuaries of ‘Lady of the Lake’, Bridgit, etc.

The three islands - Iona, Staffa, and the Isle of Women - form a sacred triangle of pure, clear, and regenerative energies. Together, they create a triple spiral energy used for initiation with cave systems running through Staffa and aligned to Venus. It's easy to understand why these lands are steeped in ancient folklore and tell the tales of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua carrying out the light conception of their child and others. The lineage of priestesses, rooted in the holy grail family, has a beautiful tile or name called Sar'h of the Stars.

And they are rising Now!

They were calling us and coming through the upcoming Solstice and Full Moon.

During the Birth of the Son solar energy of Christ, the Full Moon rises in Cancer and reaches peak illumination at 0:33 p.m. GMT on the 27th.

This is a gateway to inspire feminine Growth and Transformation.

As the Moon reaches its fullness and peak, the culmination of various cycles is felt in full force. The veil between worlds thins, inviting us to turn inward and evaluate aspects of our lives that no longer serve our personal growth. It's important to become still, listen, and allow the universe to guide us towards healing and transformation.

This seasonal Full Moon in the deep and divine feminine energy of Cancer is awakening the Great Mother Goddess, who enfolds us in her tender embrace, shielding and nurturing our creative gifts and connecting us to the heart of compassion. The Cancer archetype embodies the essence of "the light within the form," illuminating the depths of matter and spirit alike. As we connect with the receptive aspect of the manifesting Spirit, we unlock a new kinship with nature and humanity, guided by the grace of the Divine Mother.

Take time to dance, touch the Earth and bathe in the Full Moon.

Blessed Full Moon - we are remembering.


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