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Venus Rose: Unveiling the Mysteries of Avalon's Seven Seals: An online 7-month path
July-Feb 2024/5


A Sumptuous Inner Rose Pathway: Anchoring Love, Harmony, and Truth through the Arts of Sacred Feminine Embodiment.


Join us on this sacred initiation journey with Venus, where the ancient wisdom of the Avalon Rose Path meets the celestial alignment of Venus and the Moon. Over seven months, you will enter a temple space to awaken the seven seals within and embody the divine feminine through anointing rites,   feminine arts of song, temple dance and invocation to align to the divine flow and rose frequencies. This transformative immersive offers a unique blend of live rituals, self-led ceremonies, grounding practices, and mastery classes, all designed to guide you into the heart of your delicate rose mystery.


Embrace this opportunity to align with the holy dance of Venus and the Moon, activate your spiritual centres, and unfold the beautiful Crown Rose within. Reconnect with the wisdom and energies of the earth in the planetary heart centre, Glastonbury, and understand the divine purpose of Avalon as a holy temple of sacred union—where the ancient wisdom of the land unveils the secrets of the soul and the body as a rose mystery. 


"I and my Bride are One,
Just like Miriam the Madalene
whom I have chosen
and sanctified to myself as an example, 
is one with me."


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What You Will Receive

Throughout this transformative journey, you will be guided by the mystical conjunctions of Venus and the Moon, attuning to the ascension Feminine path of the seven seals.  Our course includes:

  • Monthly Live Rituals and Transmissions: Each transmission will be 1.5 hours. We will perform rituals and receive transmissions during each celestial gateway and conjunction, aligning our spiritual practice with these powerful cosmic events as our ancestors did.

  • Full Moon Self-Led Ceremonies: During each full moon, carry out self-led ceremonies using pre-recorded materials and a rose guide designed to deepen your connection to the rose mysteries of the earth, stars, and seven sacred seals.  

  • Grounding Practices:  The pre-recorded content includes a grounding practice, a womb pass sequence which is a feminine-based breath, and a bodywork technique to anchor your body and energies.  

  • Sacred Embodiment and Rose Trauma Healing:  As part of the pre-recorded content,  you will receive a self-love Healing Rose practice to support and inspire.  

  • Temple Dance Inner Sanctum Session: Learn the art of temple dance in a live mastery class that celebrates the divine feminine, including a ceremony with blue lotus.

  • A rose guide with Soul inquiries and Full Moon self-led ceremonial content & reading list.

  • A private group for all participants.

  •  The course is presented on a step-by-step online platform.  

  • An additional immersive pilgrimage will be an option upon completion of the program in spring 2025. 






Understanding the Divine Essence and Mission of Avalon as a Temple of High Love, Mystery, and Magic:

The essence of Avalon is the initiations and inner journey of sacred union, remembrance and connection. This essence encompasses and awakens each pilgrim to the beautiful frequencies of the rose, the anointing light, and the sacred spiritual traditions of the lands deeply rooted in the knowledge, high magic, and mystery of hieros gamos (sacred marriage).


It is an earthly and star temple of the great mysteries of holy union, serving as a bridge between the physical and the divine, where seekers embark on transformative quests to achieve spiritual wholeness and enlightenment.



We will Explore Avalon as the holy temple of sacred union, embodying the divine purpose of sacred connection and unity. We will unveil the Mysteries of Avalon's Seven Seals, a sacred pilgrimage and rose journey of initiation walked by ancient priestess lineages of the rose. We will also rediscover the ancient wisdom that flows through the natural world and within our bodies.


We will walk the path with the seven sacred sisters, Who align with the celestial movements of Venus and the Moon and guide you through the ancient Avalon Rose Path. Over seven months, we will explore and open the seven seals, reclaim our sacred vestments, and unlock each centre with a key. This journey will take you into the heart of the Mysteries of Avalon, the sacred sisterhood, the healing waters through the mist of Avalon, and to the divine presence of the Goddess.

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Venus Rose: Unveiling the Mysteries of Avalon's Seven Seals

Over seven months, as Venus conjuncts the waxing crescent moon in her phase as the Evening Star, you are invited on a beautiful and sacred journey to reclaim, embody, and awaken greater awareness, abundance, and beauty in your life. This immersive experience is a ceremonial initiation into the 7 frequencies of love connected to the holy garden and heiros gamos tradtions. that we all carry and hold within our sacred womb space and bodies. Our journey will be guided by the energies of Venus and the Moon, deepening our understanding and allowing us to receive the true embodied gifts of the power of our femininity, wombs, hearts, bodies, and sacred purposes.


Activation Dates and Descriptions

1. First Seal Activation - July 29, 2024, at 8 PM GMT

Opening the Root Seal

Begin your journey by grounding your energy and connecting with the Earth. This first seal activation will root you deeply into the physical plane, providing a solid foundation for the spiritual ascent ahead. Connect with Avalon's sacred cave, waters and mist to cleanse and purify your path.

2. Second Seal Activation - September 5, 2024, at 8 PM BST
Awakening the womb of life/Sacral Seal
Dive into the waters of your creativity and emotional depth. This activation will awaken your womb of life and sacral centre, igniting the flow of creative energy, worth and the power of your sacredness and passions. Embrace the nurturing essence of the sacred sisters and the Goddess as you explore this centre.


3. Third Seal Activation - October 5, 2024, at 5 PM BST
Illuminating the Solar Plexus Seal
Empower your personal will and inner strength. This seal activation will illuminate your solar plexus, helping you confidently harness your power and assert your true self. Invoke the strength of the sacred sisterhood to support your journey.

4. Fourth Seal Activation - November 4, 2024, at 7 PM GMT
Opening the Heart Seal
Expand your capacity for love and compassion. This heart seal activation will deepen your connections and foster a profound sense of unconditional love for yourself and others. Let the waters of Avalon and the Goddess's love fill your heart.

5. Fifth Seal Activation - December 5, 2024, at 7 PM GMT
Unveiling the Throat Seal
Express your truth and voice your inner wisdom. This activation will clear and empower your throat chakra, enhancing your ability to communicate with clarity and authenticity connected to the womb. The sacred sisters and the Goddess will guide your voice.

6. Sixth Seal Activation - January 3, 2025, at 7 PM GMT
Awakening the Third Eye Seal
Enhance your intuition. oracular gifts and inner vision. This activation will awaken your third eye, allowing you to perceive beyond the physical realm and tap into deeper spiritual insights. The mists of Avalon will reveal the mysteries and guide your vision.

7. Seventh and Final Seal Activation - February 1, 2025, at 7 PM GMT
Blossoming the Crown Rose
Open the crown seal to reach the pinnacle of your spiritual journey. This final activation will connect you to higher states of consciousness and divine wisdom, culminating in the blossoming of the Crown Rose and awakening your body as a rose mystery. The divine presence of the Goddess will crown your journey with her sacred touch.



As you journey through the activation of each seal, you will embody the mystery of the rose and recognise your body as a sacred temple, deeply connected with the body of Avalon. This sacred marriage rite fosters a deep knowing of oneself and a renewal of your inner sacred marriage vows. Your ascension journey will encompass embodiment, healing, and abundance, culminating in the final activation where you will stand fully awakened, empowered, and in harmony with the divine mysteries of Avalon.

In this journey, you will awaken the Temple of Holy Union within, resurrecting the sacred temple of your own body. This process will light up the temple mystery of holy union in the land and aura of Avalon, creating a profound connection between your personal transformation and the sacred landscape of Avalon.

Embrace the wisdom of the sacred sisters, the healing waters and mist of Avalon, and the loving guidance of the Goddess as you unlock each centre and reclaim your sacred vestments. Welcome to Venus Rose: Unveiling the Mysteries of Avalon's Seven Seals. Let the sacred journey begin.

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Monthly payment plan option 



There are several places that offer discounted prices for single mothers. Please contact me directly.

Your Guide

Chloé Mercer 

Chloé will be your guide and oracle for the seven-month journey, where Venus and the Seven Sacred Sisters of the Moon illuminate the path to Avalon.

Chloé serves as the custodian of the Sacred Rose Mystery School, where she shares her profound inspiration and wisdom rooted in ceremonial magic and the Magdalene tradition. Her teachings are deeply intertwined with the mysteries of Avalon, drawing from the ancient lands of Glastonbury and the soul path of sacred union.

Chloé's journey is a holy sacrament, a sacred offering designed to impart these teachings to others, empowering them to embody the sacred rites through earth magic, anointing rituals, and personal remembrance experiences. Her love and devotion to this path radiate through her teachings and offerings, guiding seekers toward the depths of their own spiritual awakening.

As your guide, Chloé serves as a bridge to Avalon, the mystical land of sacred union—a sanctuary for ancient healing arts and remembrance. Glastonbury, known as the planetary heart chakra, is revered as a mystery temple of holy union, as written in the heart and stars. With her guidance, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, reconnecting with the timeless wisdom encoded within your soul.

Join us on this sacred pilgrimage as we traverse the realms of Venus and the Moon, unveiling the mysteries of the rose and honouring the sacred path of union. Together, we will illuminate the path of remembrance and awaken the divine within.

See you there!

Bless you, on your journey.

Love & Devotion,


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