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Red Rose Temple with Mary Magdalene

Incarnation and sensual embodiment, Womb and Blood Rites, Earth wisdom

The journey begins within the Red Rose frequencies Mastering the I Am Presence. Magdalene will lead rituals & practices of the Womb Rites to reconnect, reclaim and replenish the Holy Womb grail centre. Activating the  Lunar and cyclical rhythm within through the blood codes of life. Re-awakening the cells and body senses through the sensual art of plant land medicine, temple dance and stillness.  

The curriculum follows ancient and new Lores and knowledge from Lemuria to present-day Avalon. The wisdom is encoded in the temple teachings, in the rituals and in Gaia's cycles preserved within the Magdalene Star Map. 

The Star Map

In essence, the map is a constellation & Alchemical Journey of embodied women's wisdom.  Made up of a series of 13 magical wisdom gateways & keys, comprising ceremony & magic, creational mythology, rites, rituals and Initiations. Awakening the sacred portal of the Womb.


Held within a comprehensive container of systemic methodologies,  practical tantric studies,  ancient star knowledge and earth-based teachings, of the Rose lineage.  

Throughout the year's path, we will follow the nature wheel of the year. Receiving 8-star teachings on the holy sabbath gateways and 5 pure rose activational rites.  The final Rose rite (13th Temple teachings) is an ordination ritual where participants receive the Magdalene seal of Honour.  


The Magdalene teachings being shared are specifically created for the female body temple.  To directly reactivate the divine blueprint within the grail centres, the  Womb, Heart & Mind (the central tantric channel). 

Within the year's path, women's direct symbiotic relationship to the Feminine Womb Mysteries,  will be empowered to re-connect, harmonise and heal the cycles, rhythms and patterns within.


 Purifying,  integrating & transforming the inner waters, sacred fluids and sexual/sensual nature, affecting great change for all of life.






Are you being summoned to step forward in service through the creative feminine principles?


Violet Rose Temple with Mary Magdalene, Mary Isis & Mother Mary
Starseed BluePrint Rites and Mystical Star Activation DNA Codes 

The potency and energies of the sacred trinity will guide us through the Initiation of the Great Venus Rose Temple.  You with receive the blessings of a thousand roses to ignite the star origin and creative soul gifts within.  The purple cloak of The Mystical Rose will support the re-awakening of the Majestic Creative Mystic, Oracle and Sorceress. Opening the wisdom gates to gifts of empathy, telepathy and light language.

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Blue Rose Temple with Mother Mary 

Universal Divine Mother codes,  Miracles and Empowered Earth Visions. Immaculate Conception 

Lead by the order of the Blue Rose, initiates will pass through the Cosmic Mother rites and receive the ancient immaculate womb blessing. The womb will be restored to its Divine blueprint through purification of the ancestral lineage and integration of negative imprints, memories,  cords and attachments. Replenish through angelic healing and love in preparation to conceive, seed and nurture your soul's dreams into reality.   

Golden Rose Temple with Mary Isis/Auset

Sacred Alchemy,  Sexual  Lunar Rites,  Priestess Bee Medicine & Magic. 

The art and mastery of Golden Alchemy will lead initiates into the blessings and mystical essence of the key of life, the Ankh. Grounding this ancient star knowledge through ritual and sacred ceremony to reset the natural cycles of death, resurrection and rebirth. Restoring the golden codes of sexual magic for empowered liberation, higher guidance and intuitive knowing.  Through the power of intent and sacred word, we will re-awakening the capacity to direct life-force for self-healing and service. 


Orange Rose Temple with Mary Magdalene
Shekinah Activation 

The 5th Temple lead us through an alchemical sequence into the body of the Divine Feminine Temple. Receiving a Yoni Puja sadhana and a Goddess Transmission to activate the sacred sexual forces within the subtle anatomy. This is a powerful healing womb temple that also is a deep preparation for the Golden Rose Temple.



Silver Rose Temple with Mary Magdalene
Sacred Peace Sequence within the Silver Spirit lodge to 

Enter into the Temple of the Goddess to receive a cosmic transmission in the Silver Spirit Lodge with the Mother Serpent.  The Goddess practices include Dream Destiny, Harmony and Peace codes practices and activations.


White Rose Temple with Jeshua 
Sacred Masculine awakening, Holy Grail, Sovereignty Rose Disc Activation  

Restoring the Divine Masculine codes of crystalline sovereignty and rising through the fires of transfiguration. Healing the wounds and shadows by lovingly knowing the masculine self more deeply. Jeshua will delicately guide you to hold your sword of truth and to ground through the sacred lores of the lands. Intimately journeying the masculine home through the Rose Disc Activation. Uniting the Solar and Lunar spirits. You will bathe in the mystical waters of Avalon to gently ignite the Grail Codes and Christed consciousness within. 


Pink Rose Temple with Jeshua & Mary Magdalene

7 petals Rites to Universal Love & Oneness 

Sacred Union,

Become your Vision

The final Rose initiation will lead us through the Rites of the seven petals to sacred union.  The series of Rites contains seven practices,  states of consciousness and seven divine nectars. Opening the wisdom gate to the primary tantric channel. Lead by the Divine Love of the Beloved, we will culminate our sacred vision quest and journey.  Receiving the Magdalene Seal of Honour contained within the golden octave of the 13th frequencies. 

foundation & resources



sacred sisterhood circle breath & yoga   tantric temple dance   elemental awakening   spirit plant, flower, tree  & Mineral  alchemy    yoni worship practices    creative writing  light language  voice of the priestess 

water ceremony rose ceremony & Magic

moon mapping  blood ritual


The annual Rose and Lunar Alchemy 

of the

venus rose temple 

Under the loving mastery and guidance of the Magdalene Order, Initiates will embark on a new life journey. Entering into the most intimate and delicate high initiations of the Rose.     Our personal journey's and stories are what truly brings forth the energies of the ancient and new into the now. Our spiritual embodiment is the very nourishment of the universe and our soul's gifts are its expression. 



Magdalene Temple Keepers path is an invitation to tend to the soul's sacred missions as a Lightworker and humanitarian.

The wheel of creation has turned and the rainbow prophecy ignited, raising the 

Sacred Hoop of the New dawn.   As part of this influx of new energies, there is a call to step up in sacred service as starseeds, sensitive and empaths.

 “I, the Lady,

In this house of holy lapis

I say a holy prayer.

I Am the Queen of Heaven.

I give him my vulva song” 


Your guardians

Chloe is a High Priestess of the Rose and wisdom keeper of the  Magdalene lineage. Sharing Magdalene rites of passage, cosmic transmissions and initiations. Chloe incorporates concise and delicate rose teachings, High Tantra and the light of Oneness. Creating and birthing a unique body of work to serve the restoration and remembrance of the Divine Feminine 


Chloe has a wealth of experience holding circles, retreats and soul expansion through rites of passage, journeys of healing, reunion and the sacred marriage of the feminine and masculine energies.  Chloe is an alchemist and shares the medicine of the Rose and the mystical way of the Wombs Mysteries. 


​Chloe will guide each participant through the Magdalene Year's Path which is a unique journey channelled by Mary Magdalene to facilitate, guide and transmit rays of cosmic light and Venusian artistry.  The Year's Path is contained within the Rose field of consciousness and is a sacred Temple space to receive the mysteries of Isis, mythos, teachings,  pure activations, cosmic Mother transmissions and Soul tantric practices.  
Chloe is a powerful guide,  Magdalene and pure conduit of the Divine Feminine. She embodies the essence and presence of the Magdalene lineage with Grace,  Devotion, and Courage. The Rose Alchemy Teachings are delicate and powerful experiential and spiritual tools for an empowered, confident and abundant life. 
​Mary Magdalene speaks.    "You are here to walk and Embody the way of the Rose. To pass on the wisdom and knowledge of this ancient lineage that was birthed through the Earths Rose foreMothers.  Do this by being you, the sovereign creator that you are. Simply be in your energy and magnetise your light. All else will unfold and open petal by petal, softly.  You are here to ignite a legacy at a time of great change."
 Aho. "  
Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene is a high initiate of the temple of Isis and tantric priestess. She is a force of creation and carries the flame of the Magdalene within her. Mary Magdalene is an embodiment of the celestial ROSE,  a womb shaman and is it is said that her womb is the Holy Grail. The receptive vessel of the immaculate feminine and masculine spirits and the soul. Magdalene is the merger of the traditions and forces of the Rose and beloved to Jeshua.
Through unconditional love and forgiveness, Mary Magdalene invites you to rise and remember your sovereign power, wisdom, and self-love.  The night of the soul is the path of truly mastering radical forgiveness as you return home within. This is the path that Magdalene walked and passionately guides today. 
Mari Isis


This Ancient Egyptian winged goddess and great consciousness of Sirius offers her majestic and great wisdom of love, magic and sacred alchemy. Mari Isis connects us to the ultimate power of the mystical rose and golden alchemy. Sharing the teaching of high initiation,  immortality, sexual magic & transfiguration.  Empowering feminine frequencies of sacred restoration, celestial embodiment and sacred bee medicine.


Mother Mary

Our Mother, the Star of the Sea, the sacred waters of Life. Mother Mary,  Queen of the mystical rose and the embodiment of the mother goddess. This energy and consciousness are of ultimate love and healing through the immaculate universal womb. Containing the rose codes & sacred feminine wisdom,  angelic embodiment and immaculate light conception.  Stella Maris is the diamond star, she is the spark that contains the full potentiality of life, creation and manifestation.  Her love is the Star within our hearts and the Rose Mandala within our wombs. Resonating and restoring the divine mother rites and mysteries as a flourishing chalice of life and eternal creativity. 
Jeshua/ Sananda
Sananda is a high-level group of soul consciousness of great universal Light transmitting Christ consciousness & Universal Lores of love.  Jeshua, Master Being of ascension invites all souls to ascend through the body. To receive the codes of unconditional love through the union of spirit and matter, light and dark. Jeshua will guide and impart wisdom and rites of sacred union. Weaving codes of love into the masculine spirit of oneness. Awakening healing & Remembrance within to bring about balance & resurrection.  Jeshua shares ancient Stella & earth-based wisdom teachings along with new codes of immaculate evolution. Along with his beloved consort Mary Magdalene, Jeshua will tenderly open the gateways of the Magdalene womb through the pristine receptive masculine energies.
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Years path Offering Includes

Throughout the year, you will be guided through an integrative mysterium, a sacred and holistic soul-based container (chalice). Encoded with a transformative and enriching women's codex system. This is a system based on a renewal of Thyself through an empowered and personal vision quest as the divine Iniatrix of the Magdalene legacy. 

the teachings will be shared within a sacred online temple portal  

this includes the following and some magical surprises. 


8 Live Temple calls

Following the Celtic wheel of the year

Live Call ~ 1 - 1.5 hours / 2 of the eight calls with Chloe

We will meet in sacred sisterhood to receive powerful live transmissions and initiations of the delicate teachings of the Rose. 

 We will journey into the creative mythical origins of the Rose, lineage-specific to the Rose Temple and Rose Womb Temple keeper. Following the Venus Star Flower Map and the 13 Lunar Cycle. 

In each temple, we will connect to seasonal energies, oral traditions, sacred practices, and teachings. In addition, the live call will be integrated for transmissions and holy initiations of Remembrance, Reclamation and Self-anointing.  



Two plus hours monthly recorded material, audio and video with Chloe and Guides.

Each Rose Rite and Wisdom teachings will be received as a pre-recorded video,  practices and ceremony within the online portal. In addition, they will be shared in conjunction with the Rose Temple teachings. 

They will act as the threshold container to pass into the gateways of the spiritual initiations of the Live Rose temples. 


The Rose Rites & Mysteries will also guide us into the embodied wisdom of the body, the blood and the unique spiral of each Woman. We heal, embody, and awaken the Rose within through sacred tools, practices, and ceremonial magic.


1 Magdalene Seal of Honour


Live 2hr session with Chloe on completion of the years' path. 

Receiving the Magdalene Seal of the Golden Serpent in the Isis Temple. This is a Rose ceremony of ordination to becoming Magdalene Priestess and Temple keeper of the wisdom of the Rise. 



Sadhana with Rose 8 day immersive 

Online immersive with Chloe

In addition to the teachings, we will dive deep into the Tantric practices of the Rose with Mary Magdalene in a Sadhana container.  



Rose Councils

There will be a chance to commune with other participants in councils during the year to support and inspire the intimate inner work. The groups will be in clusters of twos and threes and throughout the year, each Woman will experience a specific aspect of the Rose, the Seed, bud and flower. Essentially this is a creative structure to integrate, heal and express a fullness of the teachings in sacred sisterhood. In addition, there will be an online platform to share your gifts, healing explorations and revelations. This will also act as a container to bring forth and cultivate the Magdalene Temple keeper within. 


Gaias Alchemy

We will use the sacred alchemy of Gaia as our allies and deep support during the path. The curriculum will include teachings on earth magic and wisdom, including creating a personal flower essence and moon blood tincture. There is an option to purchase the Magdalene Womb collection, a collection of Flowers essences,  a tincture and Rose petal infusion. Wildcrafted from Avalon, Patagonia and Gloucestershire. All cultivated under the Moon and Sun's illumination on high holy days and within seasons and celestial energies of the natures wheel of the year. 

This range is specific to the healing and regeneration of the Womb. Returning the womb-heart-mind connection to replenish the immaculate garden of Eden within.   Cleaning trauma, restoring balance health and reactivating the delicate DNA template.


Breath practice, Yoga and Mantra

Live and recorded video and audio sessions from 1.5 to 2 hours with Chloe

In addition to the teachings, there will be supportive practices that will include the rose womb passes, yoga, meditation and mantras from the temple teachings of Isis to guide a personal approach. 


Avalon Rose Pilgrimage


Chalice Wells Avalon / Glastonbury UK,

August  12 - 14, 2023

We will gather in sacred sisterhood to walk peacefully upon the holy body of the Goddess,  Avalon, where the Rose Codes and Wisdoms dwell. The teachings and transmission of the Magdalene Ministry are held within the harmonics, elements, vortexes and landscape of Star Temple, Glastonbury. These sacred lands, waters, caves and ancient pathways offer gifts of profound transformation, awakening, remembrance and embodiment of the Rose within



Optional Avalon Rose Retreat

There is an additional tuition fee for the in-person sacred Avalon Pilgrimage. 



Energy exchange

The tuition fee for the year is £1800.

£222 Deposit on application


Quarterly & Monthly payment plans are available. 

On receipt and review of the application, you will be sent a welcome email which includes a welcome guide, preparation practice and payment options.  

4 Rose Activation Rites

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